Tuesday, October 05, 2010

German Food in Heidelberg

We had a beyond awesome weekend.

My dear housemate, A. whom I got to know in Canada while on exchange 7 years ago, came to visit us!

Although Paris is just a 4-hr train journey from Stuttgart, we only saw her 3.5 years after we moved here! Our last meeting was in May this year when we visited Paris with my Dad and brother. Speaking of which, I should still get down to blog about my Paris trip!

She came on Friday morning and just left yesterday. That left us with a good 3 full days, during which we managed to plan a day trip to Heidelberg too. Really treasure friendships that has stood the test of time. We don't often keep in touch but the moments when we get to meet up are so precious. A. speaks English with such a sweet French accent that I feel inspired to learn French too! Wahahha..... (If) I really want to put in the effort to learn another language, then I would be able to speak 4 languages!
We brought her to this German restaurant in Heidelberg, where we bring all our visitors actually.
German egg noodles with turkey, mushrooms and cream sauce (Spätzle mit Pute und Rahmsoße)- 13€
Pork knuckles, crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. Served with crispy fried potatoes -14€
Beef steak with onions topped in a rich tasty sauce (Rinderrostbraten) Hubby's absolute favourite. - 20€
Fresh crispy salad filled with wholesome goodness for your daily vitamin needs - free. Came with the main course

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Aunty Grace said...

Hi Pris,

Yr photos brought back fond memories of the place. By the way we r celebrating yr brother's 21st BD this Saturday and yr dad & I just ordered a 3kg cake in the shape of a key to feed 45 guests. Wish u and Stephan were here.

Pris said...

Hey Aunty Grace
So nice of you to pop by! :) Yeah I remember bringing you all around Heidelberg. And yeah, Isaac is turning 21 right? Dad emailed me the list of food that he's catering.

Would love to be there too. **sigh** Germany is simply too far from Singapore for me to pop by for a few days. Perhaps if Stephan's company takes off well, we will be able to fly back more than once a year. That would be a great consolation!!!


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