Saturday, July 24, 2010

Time for a new address

After 4 years in our nice, cosy apartment, we have to move.

It came as a surprise for us, because we weren't planning on moving. At least not until we knew about hubby's future career plans.

Well, as it turned out, our landlord's daughter wanted to repossess her apartment (our current abode). Our landlord tried in vain to persuade her to find another place, in order to save us the inconvenience of moving out. Hence, we were given 3 months to find an alternative address.

Thankfully to God, we saw an available apartment in the local papers within 1 week, took a look at it and asked for a couple of days to think through it.

We would still be staying in the same area, Korntal, but further up the hill. A slightly bigger apartment, but still the same number of rooms. The only major difference would be that instead of the current 3-min walk to the train station, I would have to allocate 12 mins to get there from our new place. By bicycle about 5 mins. But I still have no idea how I can cycle in winter time, with my boots and all.

I casually told a friend of mine about our new apartment and she mentioned that her Dad, who owns a second-hand bicycle store in Wiesbaden (about 2 hrs from here), would be visiting them in Stuttgart.  She then asked if we wanted her Dad to bring a couple of bicycles so that we could see if we wanted to get some.

In short, we saw the apartment on a Wednesday, got 2 bicycles on the following Sunday and gave a verbal agreement to rent the apartment on the following Tuesday. Isn't that sooo cool! Instead of moving out in September, we would be moving out by 1st of August. Hubby's going to paint the new apartment tomorrow and I would join him as soon as I finish work.

We're thankful that we didn't have to pay the usual 2-months' rent commission if we had rented a place via a rental agency and we managed to get an apartment so quickly!

Therefore, I went around my house yesterday and took some farewell photos of our home over the past 4 years. I'm really sad, because this is the first home we built together as a married couple. It's pretty much patchwork since some of our furniture were given to us while some were bought.

On the positive aspect, we would bring all our furniture with us to our new apartment. And...... I can finally say bye to the "lovely" neighbour living upstairs! :) Yay, no more opened window and door in winter! Click here if you don't know about my neighbour saga.

A photo tribute to our faithful home over the past 4 years....
Our blue dining area. Hubby gave me those red roses yesterday. He said that God prompted him to buy those roses for me. How sweet is that?
Our purple sofa (given) with the 3 paintings we bought on the wall
Our study room just next to the living room. That's the laptop where I blog from. Hubby used to work from the table next to mine before he rented his own office space.
Our orange-themed bedroom with paintings from Bali
Love how the mirrored-cupboards enlarge the bedroom!
My lovely kitchen which we assembled by ourselves! I enjoy the view from my kitchen when I cook. Thank God we can bring our kitchen with us! If not, I'll be really sad!
Our bathroom and toilet. Notice that I have magazines galore next to the "throne"?
Our hall of fame......
...where I'm always reminded that I'm such a blessed lady whenever I walk pass it.


Beau Lotus said...

A good excuse for another housewarming party!

Pris said...

Thanks Babe! Housewarming is a great idea! It's just my first move...It still amazes me how often you have moved so far!


Great photos of your old apartment.
I hope you are happy in your new place. ~Ron

BTW, it was nice to hear from you again.

Pris said...

Hey Ron!
Nice to hear from you too! We haven't moved yet. Going to move this week... I'm sure I'll get used to the longer walking distance to the train station. And once I do, I'll be happy as a bee in my new place! :)

Sabrina said...

Funny that... I'm moving this Saturday, too. :) Must run in the family!

Best of luck with your move, looking forward to seeing the new place when I come over next.

jie jie x

Pris said...

Hey jie jie
you're moving too this Sat? Wow! Great minds DO think alike!!! We have moving the portable stuff. The bigger and bulkier stuff will have to wait till Sat. when we have a LKV. All the best with your move too! :)

Chrish said...

hey pris i really love the way you place the photos!

Anonymous said...

good luck with the moving. give me the new add k:) hugs.

Pris said...

Hey Chrish!
Thanks dear!!! :) I tried my best to make our place look nice and presentable before moving out!

Pris said...

Hey Manis! :) Thanks!! Our place is still messy, but MUCH better than it looked in Saturday. So that's really cool! Shall I email you my new addy?

Stephanie said...

i like your "hall of fame"...that's what i'd like to have in our new place in vancouver...but first, we must find a house =p

i'm impressed that u can cook up such feasts with such little counter space! great job girl :)

Pris said...

Dear Stephanie!
So nice of you to pop by!!! You must be leaving soon! When are you leaving? We did have more counter space in my ex-apartment than in my current one now. I need to figure out how to make full space of the space now. OHhh, exciting to see your new apartment / house in Vancouver!


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