Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hamburg Fish Market 2010

Every summer the Hamburg Fish Market descends to Stuttgart for 2 weeks. I can't believe that this year would be my 4th Fish Market! It's like an "exchange". The Stuttgart Wine Festival would go to the North and the "Hamburg-ers" would come down to the south.

I like the fact that we have a routine of doing certain things in different seasons of the year. It gives me a certain sense of familiarity and tradition. Sorta like how Singaporeans go crazy shopping during the annual Great Singapore Sale. Ok, I suppose Singaporeans don't necessarily need a reason to shop, but you get the picture.

Being a fish fan, I would always make sure that we'd make our annual pilgrimage to this market. It is always full to the brim and while I wouldn't recommend going there in a big group of people, for the fear of lack of seats, going there with your other half or a handful of friends is just ideal.

Just love the smell of seafood (Fish, Shrimps, Calamari) in this market. Plus the chill-out atmosphere of hanging out in the open while sitting on beer benches in summer. In fact the weather was so nice and warm that I didn't need any jackets even at 10pm at night! :)
The entrance to the Fish Market. You can already see how packed it is.
That's the Fish Tower. When you order a fish, the person on the top would drop it down this tube thing so that it lands in the frying pan at the bottom.
Frying the Fish fillet. The guy was quite candid. When I took this photo with a flash, he got a shock and said that he thought he was caught on a speeding camera!
Grilled seafood sticks - Overpriced and not fantastic. I tried them last year so this year I gave them a miss.
After you're full, desserts next! Sweets and nuts galore! Germans do have sweet teeth!
See how they make beer stores out of a "ship"? Cool eh?
Other snapshots of the market. Best part of summer? I can finally wear shorts and no jackets!! 


Manis said...

cant wait to see the HH fish market again in Aug! love it! I wish Dresden have those:(

Pris said...

Hey Manis,
Why August??? Where do you go for the Hamburg Fish Market??


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