Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Easy peasy fusion Chicken Roast

Left: The marinate I used for the chicken thighs.
Right: Before grilling
We had some guests over last Friday. I've been feeling pretty under the weather thanks to the massively hot temperatures, followed by a more than 15-degree temperature drop over the past few days. It went from 35-40 degrees to 18-20 degrees this week! Hence, I desperately needed some fast and wholesome food. I looked through my packet sauces (which I always have on standby) and found this one that I've been wanting to try ever since we had it at Steph's place last year. She cooked hers with salmon, but we decided to stick to the original recipe and grilled ours with chicken thighs.
45mins later, everything was done absolutely deliciously. 

Oh boy, I know that I rave about easy recipes pretty often. But this was a real no-brainer! In fact, it only took me about 10 mins to prepare the food and put them in the oven. The juices from the Chicken thighs completed the taste of this wholesome meal!

1. Marinate 900grams of chicken thighs with the packet sauce. Put them in the fridge for a few hours.

2. Cut carrots, potatoes into cubes. Place them in a roasting pan. Add the chicken thighs.

3. Season vegetables with Italian herbs, Herbs de Provence, Olive oil, salt, pepper.

4. Grill for about 30mins at 200 degrees celsius, fan-forced.

5. Add some cut fresh mushroom and spring onions at this point. I didn't put them in earlier, because they cook really fast.

6. Change the oven function to "roast". Cook for another 15 mins or until done.


Julia said...

Just found your blog! I am going to use your recipe and make that delicious dinner! It looks so delicious!

Pris said...

Hey Julia!:)
Welcome! I popped by your blog too and its way cool! Like your fonts and design of your blog. :)


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