Monday, July 19, 2010

Deep Fried Goodness!

I usually try to cook healthy food. I figured, if I'm going to slog so hard in the kitchen, I might as well make something tasty and that doesn't add to my waistline.

BUT, sometimes I have this craving for deep-fried food!

In Singapore, we have a wide variety of food. There really isn't something called "Singaporean food". We eat Chinese, Malay, Indian, Western food. Nasi Lemak would definitely belong to the category of "typical Singaporean food". It is a very popular Malay dish and is to many Singaporeans what Spätzle is to the Swäbian.

The aroma of the coconut-pandan-flavoured rice waffing through the air is enough to send me to 7th heaven. The rice is sooo good, one can eat it simply with sambal chilli. Of course, the dish is only complete with the other fried side dishes like Chicken Wings, Luncheon Meat, Eggs and Ikan Bilis (anchovies).

I had a close friend commented that most of my recipes are too tedious. Hence, just so you know, I do use short-cuts in my cooking too.

Rice - Asian Home Gourmet Singapore Nasi Lemak
Ikan Bilis and Luncheon Meat - Buy-and-fry
Chicken wings - Fried with Kentucky Flour
Sambal Chilli - Sing Song Nasi Lemak Chilli from Singapore, courtesy of my brother

Husband worked throughout the entire weekend from 9am to 4pm. I was happy that I had my Nasi Lemak to cheer up my lonely weekend. Watched some Desperate Housewives and am always amazed at how these neighbours always look straight out from a fashion magazine and have so much time for each other.

I guess that's the appeal of this series. Eva Longoria's immaculate fashion sense is enough to make me sit through each 45-min episode. Though I must admit that I do find it pretty draggy sometimes, which is why I tend to watch them while ironing my clothes. :) It's not just the fashion though. I enjoy the narration of Mary Alice at the beginning and end of each episode.

The way a different real-life theme is addressed every episode, eg. Trust, Betrayal, Family etc. and how the scriptwriter manages to tie in everybody's lives according to that particular theme continues to fascinate me. And most of the time, I find myself identifying with these characters, their struggles, their emotions, their victories. I'm not a bookworm, so the Internet is my way of being intellectually engaged in the world. And I happen to find Desperate Housewives the perfect reason to escape from reality into the reel lives of these beautiful five women . (I'm still on the second series though).


lilacdropsofdew said...

Hi Pris ...

Have you tried watching Boston Legal before? It is an awesome series. I'm into Season 4 now ..

Have relocated back to Singapore and now setting up my place. It has been really tired :( I'm working at the same time, so it's not fun at all.

Saw your email reply ... will drop you a reply soon when I tide over this crazy period.

Your photos look great! :) For the one you took at the fish market have a flattering figure!! Hee hee. Take care, Andrea

Pris said...

Hey Andrea!!! :)
So nice to hear from you!

No, I haven't heard nor seen that series before. It sounds addictive!!! What is it about?

Oh man, wow! I don't know how you and Shawn managed to relocate back AND continue working! Did you take some time off work?

Yeah! I agree that moving is such a headache!!! Argh. Jia you!!! We can do it!

Thanks babe for your compliment! Its summer here, so must make use of the warm weather while it lasts! Oh boy, its been very cold this week again! Feels like autumn!

Luv, Pris


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