Thursday, July 15, 2010

Singapore 2010: Go-karting in Malaysia

Ok, so I said in a recent post, we endeavour to be more adventurous.

And we did do something that was more "unusual" recently! We went go-karting in Malaysia! It was all part of our church camp in Shah Alam, near Kuala Lumpur. I specially coincided our annual trip to Singapore with the church camp, because we wanted to meet up with our close friends and our pastor's family, the Dierdens would be back for their bi-annual trip at the same time. :)

Our days consisted of a sermon from 10-12noon, followed by lunch. We then had the entire afternoon to ourselves when we could decide how we wanted to spend it. Dinner was at 7pm and the evening sermon was from 8 to 10pm, after which we adjourned for the World Cup 2010!

To date, this is the best church camp I've ever been to. In every sense of the word. Physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Needless to say, we used one of our free afternoons to go for some go-karting. It was the best experience ever! I can completely understand the thrill of race car driving and why Michael Schuhmacher simply can't hang up his racing jersey yet. The adrenalin rush of going at such a high speed, so close to the ground, while making those tight manoeuver without overturning your car, is simply indescribeable.

At a price of 7,50€ for 10mins, it was unbeatable too. Stephan, being the German that he is, was at his prime on the roads. He overtook all of us, until he taught me the basics of race-car driving for the second round. By that time, he only managed to overtake me once because I was speeding on ahead of him like a mad headless chicken.
The not-so-glam part of go-karting. We had to wear "shower caps" to maintain the cleanliness of the helmets that we used.
Our chance to be Michael Schuhmacher!

The church camp was beyond awesome. I'll write more about what I learnt and experienced the next time!


Room to Think said...

Hey, is that Daniel?

Pris said...

Hey! Yes! It is Daniel :) Do you know him too?


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