Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why I went crazy at the Provision store

They say its the small things that make you reminisce about your past. I have to totally agree with that statement! We met up with Cynthia and her hubby at their place today. They were so sweet! Cynthia arranged everything for lunch - from getting the famous Adam Road Nasi Lemak to giving us such detailed directions to her place, we felt sooo well-taken care of!

We met up with them in Stuttgart last year and its such a nice sense of familiarity to see them again halfway across the world. And it was even cooler still when we found out that we sorta grew up in the same part of Singapore and went to the same neighbourhood. What a sense of nostalgia when I walked through those familiar HDB corridors today again.
In front of the cute pictures on their wall

When I was younger, I used to munch on these snacks. Seeing them at those provision stores today, I simply had to get them again! Oh boy, I think you can tell how much I associate my memories of my childhood / Singapore with food!   
Spicy Potato Chips!!! They are so immensely spicy that I develop runny nose each time I eat them. But oh sooo shiok! /  
Cheezels - I think that's Australian. Cheese ring snacks
Cuttlefish - Crispy and spicy. The packet looks huge but its mainly air really. That's the Asian thing of making something look more worth your money than it really is. 
Julie's Chocolate Wafers - I used to think that those were "western" until I realized that I couldn't find them in Germany!)
 That's the best! Stinky, preserved cuttlefish! Thank God I can get similar-tasting ones in Stuttgart at the Asian store too, but each time I eat them, hubby won't french me for the next few hours! Wahaha.

Yup, so now you have a general idea of what we Singaporeans eat in our free time! Not dried pretzels or nut-flavoured chips. But crazy stinky cuttlefish!!! What about yourself? Do you have any favourite local snacks that remind you of home?

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