Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Singapore-Canada-German connection

At Singapore Island country Club where they serve awesome Singaporean local delicacies! Guess what my sweetie ate? Burger and Caesar's salad! He's still not a fan of laksa.

Last year when we met up with the Uys, Steph was still pregnant. More than a year later, her baby is not a newborn anymore!!! Oh man, time really flies "obviously" when you see young ones growing!!!

They were the first couple we met up with and boy we were so happy to see them again! We really enjoy couple dates (+ baby) with them because both genders can click so well with each other. Usually couple dates always consist of either close girlfriends and the hubbies have to tag along, or vice versa. With the Uys, I know that Stephan really enjoys his time with Ryan. They even ended up saying the same things at the same time! It helps too that both of them are non-Singaporeans (Ryan's Canadian) so they sorta have a whacky "foreigner" way of thinking.
Isn't Andrea such a happy and cute baby?
I'll take some other photos of my new hairstyle. My hair's still pretty "exploded", but I really enjoy waking up and starting the day, without having to comb my hair through the tangles!


Room to Think said...

she's adorable! what a sweet baby. :) i'll be home in Aug. yay!

Pris said...

Hey nice to see you popped by! Wow, August is coming soon! :) You must be so looking forward to it!

Manis said...

love yr hair babe. is that a perm curl? Anyway B & I love laksa...our fav is at QIJI. I am missing cockles;(( Have a great time in Singapore. KUSS.

Stephanie said...

yup, we love spending time with you 2! miss u!

Pris said...

Hey Manis!
Thanks for your compliment! Yeah! They are permanent curls. Love them! Don't have to comb my hair anymore! Oh wow! Your hubby loves laksa? My hubby hasn't tried it before and I don't think he'll like it...its too exotic! Ohh, I don't eat cockles either.... Hah.

Pris said...

Hey Steph!
So nice to have you pop by! :) We enjoyed our time with you all too! Hope it won't be too long before we see each other again!


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