Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Look

I'm back in Germany! Sorry for the long hiatus.

We didn't have any internet connection during our last 2 weeks in Singapore and only got back to Germany last Sunday. Had to start work already on Monday, while still combating major reverse jet-lag that makes me hungry at 3pm, mega tired at 6pm and wakes me up at 4 /5am!

Still, I'm grateful to have been able to sleep through last night and finally get some online me-time again! Its great to spend time alone at home, after meeting up with all my friends and family in Singapore. :)

Weather in Stuttgart is great!!! Couldn't ask for better weather, esp. after I heard that it was brutally cold just last week. Worldcup fever is mega hot here! People are flying German flags on their cars, there were honks all over the place after Germany's massive win against England last Sunday and I even saw a woman's manicured fingers spotting the German flag this morning!

I have got lots of photos to share, but would want to sort them out properly first.

So for those of you are interested, this is my new look! I took it after a M.A.C. makeover in Singapore because I wanted to figure out how to apply make-up by myself and it was high time to replenish my supply of make-up.

I'm loving my new hair-do and many people have complimented me on it! I feel younger, funkier and simply put, I do think curly hair suits my personality more than straight hair. I'm still waiting to see how easy / difficult it would be to maintain these curls in Germany, where I only cut my hair once or twice annually. However, I came back well-prepared by buying lots of hair conditioning products, so I guess I'm well-equipped to condition my hair to the max! - aka, no split-ends, hopefully!

Okok, I know I talk way too much about hair. Pardon me. Its just an annual indulgence that I allow myself whenever I go back to Singapore. And somehow each time, my "hair budget" seems to exceed the previous year's one!

Still, I relinquish having maintained a more than 7-year friendship with my hairdresser, for which she even cooked me some Sambal Ikan Bilis (anchovies with chilli) to bring back to Germany. Though I must also painfully add that hubby forgot to pack it up for me, so its still lying in the fridge.

I go to the "Corner" salon at Republic Plaza and my hairdresser is "Anna". She's the best! They even offer an hour long back-and-feet massage for only 20€!

See, as I said. An indulgence.
Before and After.
I simply needed a drastic change in my looks after having my mega-straight hair for the last 4 years!.... Am totally enjoying the bounce in my hair and not having to comb it!


Anonymous said...

Uuuh, what a pretty girl!! Love your new look. The curls look great on you, very romantic :-)
I cannot sleep when its so hot outside (and inside) thats why I am checking your blog at 1:30 am and posting a comment that late :-)
Lets meet next week or so, k? Its time for a meeting at the ice cream parlor, what do you think? :-)

Love, Geli

Pris said...

Dear Geli! :)
So nice to hear from you! Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm not the only person who finds the weather difficult to sleep with! Its just as hot here as in Singapore! But we use air-conditioning whenever we're at home. :)

YES! We so need to meet up again! Especially when the weather is sooo gorgeous! I'm going to the swimming pool today!

Love, Pris

Steph said...

Love your new look and it does suit you ! Good to hear you got back safely and in time to enjoy the summer there ;)

Pris said...

Dear Steph! :)
Thanks for your nice compliment! I like the weather now,but it can get really warm without any air-con! Today and yesterday were tough...but night-time's great!


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