Monday, June 07, 2010

Back in 新加坡 home....

Have been so silent on my blog, because I haven't been able to sort out all my thoughts since touching down in Singapore. The one thing that always strikes me every time I come back, is CHANGE.

We go back to our favourite Sushi Tei restaurant at Paragon and realize that its no longer there! Buildings pop up like mushrooms and we find ourselves lost in the midst of unfamiliarity. When we got out of the main train station at Orchard, we found ourselves in the middle of a shopping centre - ION. A building that used to be under construction last year when we were in Singapore. We were so confused that we actually had to enquire at the information counter about how to get out of the building!

I have managed to see a few of my close friends. The closeness is still there, but I also realize that some of them might not be in Singapore the next time we're back. People are coming and going. Right now, I have one close friend in China, another in New Zealand and yet another one leaving Singapore soon. Oh, I just got news of another friend who's leaving for UK to further her studies. Well, at least that's in Europe, so the chances of meeting up might go up a notch.

I find myself lost in translation. I guess somehow the Singapore I most vividly remembered it to be was frozen in time 4 years ago. Suddenly Singapore doesn't feel like home-home any longer. I'm grateful that my family is still here and I'm soo thankful that I'm beginning to rekindle my relationship with my brother (from his trip to Europe) and spend time with my Dad. There's nothing like going to an award-winning Chinese restaurant and eating local delicacies together, like a reunion dinner.

People tell me that this is a "normal" aspect of relocating, but oh man. You haven't seen change until you come to Asia!!! Ok, I don't know about the whole of Asia, but Singapore can win the Olympics for Country Makeover! Stuttgart 21 will take 10 years to complete. In Singapore, 40-storey buildings and shopping complexes get completed in a year!

This time back in Singapore, we hope to spend some time with some pastoral staff from my church in Singapore. We're seeking the Lord for new direction, vision and purpose in our lives. Do pray for us. We've been spending quality time together too... guess what? I'm soo mega proud that my beloved hubby is loving chilli!!!! He actually ate prawn hokkien noodles and oyster omelette with the sambal chilli for the first time!!!! Woo hoO!!!

Some of the things I've done over the past 4 days

- Permed, dyed and highlighted my hair!
I bid farewell to my straight hair after 4 loyal years and welcomed my new, wilder and more funky look!!! Had a back and feet massage too and spent way too much money! BUT, this is one luxury I allow myself each time I go back to Singapore. I spent a full 5 hrs at the salon! 5 hrs of pure pampering, female magazines and chatting in Mandarin! Yup! I practised my 华语 or 汉语 with my hairdresser whom I've been going to for the past 6 years!

- Went for a pedicure!!! :) I'm wearing so many open-toed sandals that I felt that pedicured toenails belonged to the "must-do" list.

-  Checked that my eyes are great!!!! I have normal vision now and doctor says that everything's amazing!!! After 1 year since I did my lasik, my eyes have healed really well with no complications! I was concerned that I might have to go for corrective surgery but apparently I didn't have to! Amen! Praise God!

- Eating! Ate a lot of Singaporean hawker favourites (satay, barbecued sting ray, prawn hokkien noodles, fried carrot cake, fish soup, oyster omelette), Japanese food.... Yum yum!

- Bought my first pair of shoes!!! Red ones! They are sooo pretty that I already know that I'll get stares at my shoes if I do go to Venice again. Italian women are really into shoes. Maybe I really should consider starting a shoe store in Stuttgart. But only summer shoes.

If you read till here, **pat pat** for being such a loyal reader!!! I'll update with photos soon!


Belinda said...


Beau Lotus said...

Post pic of new hair-do!

Steph said...

I read tis posting of yours from start to finish and with great relish and much envy and mouthwatering now ;)
Enjoy the rest of your precious time in ole Singapore, the city that's in constant flux of change.

Pris said...

Hey Bel! You'll go back to visit Singapore soon right? You came back 3 times last yr!!! I was jealous then!

Pris said...

Serene, argh, I haven't been able to get a flattering shot of my hair so far! Cos its still pretty pomp-pomp, so I look quite crazy. I will post one as soon as its "internet-worthy" ok?

Pris said...

Steph! Hey, you would know better eh? After having been away from Singapore for so long! I think you and my friend can Serene (Beau Lotus) can vie for " Singapore overseas for long time" award.

Yeah, I'm trying my best to stretch my time in Singapore! There seems to be too many things to do in a short time! But I'm trying to take things easy. :)


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