Monday, March 29, 2010

My Seafood Pasta Masterpiece

That´s my seafood pasta masterpiece - Lobster, prawns and scallops served in a creamy, white wine, garlic sauce and topped with fresh mushrooms and garden herbs..... heaven! Of course the best is reserved for the in-laws.....
That´s our more economical version - with Salmon instead of Lobster, but using the same sauce of course!

We invited the in-laws over for lunch last Saturday and I wanted to treat them to something that they haven´t eaten before. So when I saw lobster and scallops at the supermarket the other day, I bought it without delay.

What can I say. I think I have invented my favourite seafood pasta recipe!!!!

The recipe can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Priscilla!
I just had a look through your blog and I loved reading it. Kind of makes me feel like I am not sooo far away from all what's happening in your life. My internet is not very good it didn't show all the pictures, but I enjoyed the once I got to see.
Hope to see you on my next visit in Germany.
Love, Cristina

Pris said...

Hey Cristina! :)
So nice that you´ve got internet access even in the Middle East! Makes me feel like you´re not so out-of-touch! Been reading all your updates too! :) Yeah! Would definitely want to see you back in Germany! Need to see when that is again! You´re always welcomed in our cell group!
love, Pris


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