Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rock and Roll 50's party

A dear friend of mine, Kerstin celebrated her 28th birthday last weekend. It was such a cool party. We all had to go dressed in a Rock and Roll 50's theme.

When we were in Canada on exchange, we used to go for themed parties and I was always amazed at how people are creative enough to come dressed up so well! For example: We´d have the "T" party. Come dressed in anything that starts with "T". So we had "Teacher", "Tourist", "Tinker Bell" and someone even came dressed as "Taliban"! That was the most hilarious one of course.

We met up one day in advance to go shopping for a suitable attire for the birthday girl. The dress you see her wearing is something we went to all lengths to get! The store didn´t have her size, so I took the train and went to another city to get it. I was glad I could do that though, because that meant that I had solved the what-to-get-the-birthday-girl issue.

I got to know Kerstin from church. She´s another youth cell leader for teenagers. Her cell consists of youths younger than ours - in the 13 to 15 years´old range. Oh boy, she´s such a sweet dear!!!! Such a heart for the younger generation. She works full-time in a youth home which provides refuge for young ones from troubled families. One cannot underestimate the level of maturity, patience and perseverance one has to possess when dealing with youths like hers.

Whenever I think of what she does, I simply have to take my hats off to her. Really.
Me and the birthday girl. We simply had to do the "Asian" pose....and yeah. My hair is sooo curly these days. I can´t wait to go back to Singapore to straighten it again! I wore my purple poker-dotted dress since I really didn´t have anything else appropriate.
Being the camera-crazy person I am, we decided to come up with a series of artistic shots....

SO nice. There was this guy, a friend of hers, who was just mixing cocktails. :) I had a really nice coconut one. Love the way he even dressed up for the occasion.

I baked a strawberry cake for the birthday girl, which I wanted to put some candles on and sing a birthday song too. Unfortunately being in Germany (where people don´t sing Bday songs), it was cut up and eaten even before I could take a photo of it! **bummer**

Got the recipe from a magazine. The taste of the cake itself was very nice. Though the frosting was a tad too sweet. I´m wondering if its because its an American magazine, so the cakes are sweeter? In any case, I´ll try another recipe of the frosting again, before posting the recipe up.

The half-eaten cake
We had lots of dancing with Rock and Roll music, but yours truly didn´t overcome my inertia to dance.... Though I must add that it was really fun watching others jump around!

I think the party was really cool too because its the first time I saw so many young people from my church. As a matter of fact, most of them were probably younger than me and my hubby was probably the oldest person there. We belong to a region with not many young people you see. Still, its cool to see that Christians can be so normal and fun too!

Happy birthday dear Kerstin! Such a privilege to know you! You bring so much joy and sunshine wherever you go. May you continue to taste and see that the Lord is good ALL the time!

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