Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guest speaker at our youth cell

This is Martin.

He´s one of the pastors from our church, who spear-heads the Royal Rangers ministry - An International initiative for young people to know about God and grow as a person spiritually, mentally, emotionally and socially. The youths are provided opportunities not just to explore the great outdoors via their extraordinary camps, where they build amazing structures from scratch (typical German), but also to learn how to relate and develop a relationship with God in very practical and adventurous ways.

Many of the youths in our cell grew up with Royal Rangers. One starts by being a member and can subsequently be "promoted" to be a leader and help the younger ones in their personal journeys to grow as a person. So yeah, if you have a child from the age of 6-18 years, you know where to send them during the long summer and winter school breaks!

We wanted a "crazy" shot. I find that Martin looks so "sei" - stylish here.

Yeah, I look pretty dishevelled because I came directly from pilates class, which I didn´t want to miss because the next lesson would only be in about 4 weeks´ time.

We were soooo amazed at this guy. He has such a fascinating story to share.

- Survived cancer at the age of 26.
- Gave up a 12,000€ / month salary to become a full-time pastor so that he could expand the Royal Rangers ministry
- Married for more than 25 years with 5 grown-up children.

He talked about how to hear from God and find the right direction in your life, ie. In the areas of relationship, studies, life vision and goals. Of course his personal experience of how God guided his life when he was a youth until now also struck chords close to our hearts.

Even though we only had a short one-off session with him, we found him so down-to-earth, practical and such a "normal" Christian! We could relate so well to him, because he really has a heart for people, especially the next generation. Plus, you think a guy like him would be so busy, but he was so quick to answer our Email to come to our cell and even offered to come again - anytime we wanted him to.

Such devotion. I really was inspired. To have such a love and passion for the next generation.



It's always a blessing from God when people like pastor Martin are involved in Christian leadership.

God bless you, Ron

Pris said...

Thanks Ron! :) I´m thankful to be part an amazing and growing church, with pastors like Martin around.


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