Monday, March 22, 2010

Nice weekend break

We had a visitor from Singapore over the weekend. M. was in Germany for her SAP training and we finally managed to meet this time. The last time she came over, our schedules clashed and we just missed each other.

School mates in MGS and NJC in Singapore, our friendship goes a long way back. However, we kinna lost contact with work and all. I think the last time we saw each other was at my wedding 4 years ago!

Its cool how you can meet after all these years and talk about school days like it was just over! Although her stay was quite short, we met at 6pm on Saturday and she left on Sunday at 4pm, it was a fruitful time.

I love it whenever Singaporeans come to visit. Somehow the ability to speak English in all my Singlishness and slang makes me feel so comfortable in my own skin! Its enough that my job requires me to speak proper English and most people here wouldn´t be able to understand me if I blabbered on in my bullet-train speed Singlish, hence I normally indulge in 110% Singlishness whenever I meet other fellow Singaporeans.

M.´s English isn´t very typically Singlish either, but it didn´t matter. As long as I had someone to practise my Singlish with! :) heeehee. Oh man, I realized that some of my "dialects" are so "westernized" now. I can sorta remember how to say them, but the intonation of the words are completely off! Had to repeat a couple of  dialect words before M. could understand them. Talk about erosion of language....

She´s getting married this year. Pity that we would miss her wedding by one month, but here´s wishing her and her fiance all of God´s plentiful blessings as they embark on their new journey together after 6 years of courtship!
At the Spanish restaurant where we brought M.

She had already eaten enough German and Italian food, since she´d been here for a week. Since she fancied seafood, we figured this would be the best place to bring her. We´re such frequent guests there that the waiter and owners recognize us by now and even remember our favourite dishes.....

I´m becoming quite German! Just sticking to my usual orders......Oh, its not exactly summer-warm yet, but we were sitting quite close to the kitchen so I couldn´t bear wearing my jacket in the heat.....that explains the spaghetti-top.

That´s super yummy fish stew with mussels and shrimps. May Anne ate the mussels since I´m not a fan of it.
The hubby went overboard with yoghurt for breakfast. We had German bread with scrambled eggs and jam....ooh, I love the bread here! We have breakfast way too seldom - No thanks to my insatiable appetite for sleep. Hubby lamented that this is a "show off" breakfast that we have only when guests are here.

The next day, we had a big brunch at our place before heading the castle at Ludwigsburg so that M. could take some photos before heading back.
The beautiful castle at Ludwigsburg thats modelled after Versailles

The weather was "traumhaft" - incredibly warm and so full of the freshness of spring. Oh yes, have I mentioned that the sun is finally out again? Its something definitely worth rejoicing about!
You know that warm weather is here when restaurants bring out their sun chairs and tables....And ice-cream parlors re-open from their winter break..... Such an indescribeable feeling.

It was snowing for 1-2 weeks in early March and for a while, all of us thought that the weather had gone berserk. So yes, we´re enjoying warmer weather for the first time this year!!!
There was  a fleamarket at the market square in Ludwigsburg so there were lots of people around. We took such a long time to find a parking space! Its like people had suddenly burst out of their hiding holes as soon as the sun appeared because of the extremely long and cold winter. When we found a lot, we were as ecstatic about it as one would be when one strikes lottery! - Ok, not quite, but close.

How was your weekend?

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