Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chinese Steamed Fish

Since I´m stuck at home for 3 days, I decided to try and explore new healthy food ideas.

I do realize that cooking and blogging is directly proportional to the amount of time I have. Last week when I had to work everyday, coupled with not feeling good, my cooking and blogging life was non-existent!
Usually we eat frozen Tilapia, which we pan fry and add a fish-stock sauce. However, I figured out why not just try buying a fresh fish fillet and see if it works just as well?

So up I went to the lady behind the fish counter at the supermarket and asked her for advice on the best type of fish for steaming. She recommended "Victoria Rotbarsch", which is a bit pricer but has a firmer flesh that is more suitable for steaming than other types of "softer" fish meat.

This was a pretty last minute idea, so I had no fanciful coriander leaves nor did I have time to soak any Chinese mushrooms for 2 hours to complement my dish.

Just simple, quick and oh-so-tasty. Once you taste the real thing again, you´re spoilt for good! Even the hubby, who isn´t as much a foodie as me, couldn´t stop going "wow" at the taste of steamed fresh fish..... so light, healthy and without all that fishy-taste that comes with frozen fish.

Chinese Steamed Fish
- Ginger, sliced
- 1 bunch of Spring Onions, sliced
- 2 tbsp Soya sauce
- 1 tbsp Chinese cooking oil
- 1 tbsp Rice wine (I didn´t have this so I added sherry)
- Palm Sugar
- Salt, Pepper
- Chinese Mushrooms / Coriander Leaves (optional garnishes)

1) Arrange the fish fillet on a plate together with the ginger and spring onions.
2) Steam it for about 8-10 mins until one is able to cut through the fish easily. The fish cooks in its own juice.
3) Mix soya sauce, oil, palm sugar and wine in a bowl, before pouring it over the fish.
4) Season fish with salt and pepper
5) Serve warm with rice.

We had ours with Bak Kut Teh and some Caramel Prawns......


Lisa said...

Hi there,
I read your comment on The Old Geezer's blog that you often comment on other people's blogs and don't get reciprocal comments. So I wanted to drop in and say Hello! :) I actually read a lot of your blog the other day and found it quite interesting. Especially your recipes. :)

Have a blessed day!


marylea said...

Sounds great. I bet your hubby was pleased to have such a thoughtful meal. I saw your post on the Old Geezer's blog and thought I'd drop by and say hello. I know what you mean about the comments. I just blog for myself, but it is encouraging if there are comments now and then. Well, have a great day. :-)

arlee bird said...

oh, that fish looks so good! I love those little red peppers too.
I really need to eat more fish and really it's not that difficult to fix, but I just don't cook that much and neither does my wife. If I could afford to hire a cook I give her/him your recipe.

Tossing It Out

Manis said...

wow..i love chinese steamed fish, you making me droooling all over early morning!! I hope you are all ready for Spring;) Take care.
PS: I found my address book, it's hidden at one of my bags!

Pris said...

Thanks so much for popping by! :) Means so much to me! :) I dropped a comment on your blog too! Cool that you found my recipes interesting! I´m still waiting for your "perfect brownie recipe"!!! That´s one I don´t have yet!

Pris said...

Hey marylea! :)
Thanks for popping by my blog! I read a bit of your blog too, but due to lack of time - I gotta work soon, I couldn´t read more. But popped you a msg too!

Yeah, I think my hubby enjoys food I cook, though I must say most of the time, I cook for myself and he gets to enjoy the fruits of my labour! hahahaha.

Pris said...

Hey Lee
Thanks for popping by! :) Wow! It really brought a smile to my face to see comments on my blog!!! I never used to cook either, since food was readily available in Singapore. But yeah, I HAD to cook here, if not I would "starve"... or go out of money if we had to eat out all the time. How do you survive without cooking?

Pris said...

Hey Manis! HOw´s the weather for you??? Its FINALLY warm today!!! 15degrees! I´m definitely going swimming before heading to work!!!


I like healthy food.
I like any kind of food!

Have a nice day Pris,


AiLing said...

Hey that's a great idea Pris! I miss eating fish, we don't eat that a lot here at all. I think i should go get some. :)

Pris said...

Hey Ron! :)
Thanks for your comment! And your blog too! Wow! I got 80% of my comments here from your blog!

Pris said...

Hi Ailing! :)
So nice that you popped by my blog! Yeah, we don´t eat much fish either....so that´s why I´m trying to cook more fish here. Now, I really need to change my diet!

Kimberly Anne Sanderson said...

That looks yummy!!! Thank you love new recipes. I will have to try it. I love Asian food from living in Japan for 8 years. What an experience that was...miss that place.

Pris said...

Hey Kimberly!
Thanks for popping by! :) Were you in Japan? 8 yrs! That´s a long long time! You must speak fluent Japanese! I learnt it for a year, but have forgotten most of it by now!

I´m reading your blog now! Glad you like the new recipe. Its really easy and tasty too! Try it and let me know what you think!


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