Monday, March 15, 2010

Being a Sushi Chef..... (sort of)

Last Saturday we had an impromptu call from a couple friend M. and K, to ask if we wanted to go over to their place so that I could teach them how to make sushi. The guy, M, was so excited to learn how to make sushi after watching a Sushi program on TV by a famous German chef.

We had no plans that day so we accepted their invitation and off we went!

Met at 6:30pm and started making sushi almost immediately.

Guess what time we ate?


Nah, that would be too early.

9pm! We took more than 2 hours to make the sushi!

But look at the look of satisfaction on their faces!
It was quite fun to be a "cooking" teacher for once! Hah. I cooked and seasoned the rice, while our friends took turns rolling the sushi under my supervision. Stephan tried rolling 1 sushi before giving up.

We had a chilled out evening, just talking. K. is German but originally from Romania and M. is a true-bred Schwäbisch German, who´s a music teacher at a regular high school. I was looking through his chords for Christian songs and asked an innocent question about the difference between "C" and "C4", while expecting him to show me how to play the 2 difference chords on the guitar.

He ended up giving me a long, technical explanation of the difference between a major and minor chord! hah.... Can really tell he´s passionate about music. Afterall he is a conductor in an orchestra too! I guess that´s about how passionate I am about food eh?

What are you passionate about? Something that you can spend hours on / talking about? That the more you find out about the topic, the more you want to learn?

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