Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow chaos

My sweetie shoveling the snow. I lurve his grin on this photo!
In Germany, we have this thing called "Kehrwoche" when each neighbour takes turn to clean the pavement around the house, wipe the stairs,... you get the idea. We were "lucky" enough to have our turn of Kehrwoche last week and my sweetie had to shovel snow like 4 times in 2 days. I´m SOOooo happy that I didn´t have to do it! He woke up early on Saturday, wanting to go to the gym. However, after doing his Kehrwoche, he was too tired to do anymore vigorous exercises. And for me? I slept in...heeehee.

All the snow on our balcony!

The tree outside our house. This little boy is one of our neighbours. Stephan was being mischievous and threw some snow at him while he wasn´t watching. He was clueless at first and had no idea who did it. But when he found out, we almost ended up having snow thrown into our study room!.

Look at the massive amount of snow all around! You can barely see the plants underneath it! Even the car is half-covered by the heavy snowfall.

Coming from Singapore, I know that I should rejoice at the sight of snow. Afterall, my brother´s coming to Europe in May and he´s sole intention of coming is ??? You´ve guessed it. To see snow! Where on earth we´d go to see snow in May is another question. But yes, I grew up dreaming and wishing that someday I would live in a country with seasons AND snow.

Now, my dream has really come true! **Note to self: Be careful what you wish for!**

So why am I not all that exhilarated from it? Because of the flip side of the coin.

When the snow melts and mixes with dust / dirt, all you get is this lumpy, sluggy, clumpy black stuff that you have to squish squash through on the way to work / home / supermarket / basically everywhere you go. Plus this stuff sticks to your shoes and leaves a trail of black spots wherever you walk. Trains, buses and all forms of public transportation are so filthy on a snowy day.

Still, I´m thankful to God for this ability to experience snow where I´m living now. In the words of Joel Osteen, " Don´t look at what´s wrong, look at what´s right and thank God for it". I guess this is what it means to "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths". Prov 3:5

Acknowledge - means to show or express appreciation or gratitude for.

So yes, Thank You dear Lord for snow in winter. Help me to appreciate it more in all its beauty and to get out for more walks in snow-covered fields!


cuclainne said...

I know what you mean about the 'dirty' snow .. wait until it starts melting - turns to slush .. yucks!

Elias had to do the exact same task when he was living in the apartment in Stockholm .. except that was his task (everyone had to decide what they wanted to do and no one wanted to do this - wonder why .. lol). Lucky for him he only lived there for one winter .. the next winter he was already working in Paris and subsequently moved to Sg :)

Pris said...

Hey Cuclainne! :)
So nice that you popped by my blog! Yar, you can see the amt of snow we have here eh? I think Norway is WAY colder, so I´m thankful that we´re not THAT cold.

I think shoveling of snow is back-breaking. That´s probably why nobody wanted to do it and Elias had the "honor" of doing it himself! hahah. You organised a great birthday party for your girls! With face-painting and all, you GO girl!

cuclainne said...

A friend of mine who lived outside of Stockholm told me it went to -20 .. i don't think i can survive that .. kudos to the brave ones :)

hahahah - yah, i think so too .. i think he was also a practical choice since he was living in the only ground floor apartment in the back building so he had to shovel the walkway between that building and the front.

thanks .. now i'm freaking out cos i have not booked any entertainment for elin's party and it's this weekend .. yikes!

Pris said...

Hey Cuclainne!

-20 is SOoooo freezing cold! Although I must add that one gets used to it! My 5-mth stint in Canada was also very cold, went down to -40 sometimes with wind chill. Brrr.... You take 15-mins to get dressed but after a while, you can jog in the snow too! hahah.

You´re such a super woman! Full-time working mom plus full-time mother to your kids! AND still have time to FB and comment on blogs! I take my hats off to you! How do you do it?

cuclainne said...

Pris, don't say that la .. maybe it's just time management - hahahahah ..

Pris said...

Hey Cuclainne... of course dear. Its all abt time-management. You make it sound so easy. haha.


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