Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bladder Infection

Today started really terribly.

I had to make an emergency visit to the doctor, because I had to pee every 2-3mins since I woke up! I have never experienced anything like that! Immediately I realized that something was wrong and went online to check out my symptoms. Turns out, it sounded like Bladder infection or UTI - Urinary Tract Infection.

Called the doc at 11:30am and they gave me an appointment at 12noon. It was too late to take any public transportation, so I called Werner who drove me there. Oh boy, being able to make it to the doctor without (any accidents) was a miracle in itself! I had to spend 1 hour waiting for my turn and spent most of the time in the toilet! - where else? Doc says that it definitely looks like bladder infection and gave me some antibiotics and 2 days of leave from work.

I had to call my school to inform them that I can´t teach tomorrow. That was the other nightmare. This colleague (let´s call this person XY) insisted that someone brings the books to the school so that the next teacher can teach. I offered to bring the books to the company (which is 2 mins from where I live) and asked her to print out the teacher´s instructions so that my replacement would know what to teach. She refused, saying that everybody is busy.

And I was like, hey I can´t get out of the house and you can´t expect my husband to make the 20-30mins drive down to Stuttgart just to bring the books? And she was adamant about not helping.

That´s when I decided, if you want something done, you just got to do it yourself.

I called the replacement teacher, explained to him the situation and he was fine about my suggestion about me bringing the materials to the company and he would get the teaching instructions in school.

Then I called the school / receptionist, asked to speak the colleague who prepared my materials. Asked her to print another copy of the teacher´s instructions for my replacement. Explained which materials they are exactly.

Sent an email to XY to clarify everything, to which she just replied "Thanks".

OH boy, spend 1 hour fighting a fire at work, for which I didn´t even have to and for which I don´t get paid to do.

But you know what the cool thing is? My bladder infection has improved sooo much! I can hold it for an hour or so feels like its back to normal, after just one tablet of my antibiotics. :) And thanks so much Werner for rescuing me again! So for the fact that my day started badly, it is just getting better.....


Aunty Grace said...

Hi Pris,

Bladder infections are quite common in ladies. Drinking cranberry juice regularly is supposed to help prevent it. Take care.

Pris said...

Hey Aunty Grace
Thanks for your advice! I´ve bought that and am drinking it already. :) My bladder infection is still there though. Might have to see the doc again on Monday, because I can´t imagine having to work in the morning, esp. when the urge is really strong. Do you know how long they take to disappear?

Aunty Grace said...

The doctor should do a urine culture to determine the bacteria that caused the infection and then prescribe an effective antibiotic for it. The urge to pee usually disappears within 24 hrs from first medication. After completing the course of antibiotic, the doctor would do another urine test to ensure the infection has completely cured. Ask for Ciprofloxacin (strong antibiotic that battles a wide range of bacteria). I find this more effective than ampicillin.


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