Monday, December 14, 2009

Sub-zero temperatures

Temperatures dipped today and will remain at sub-zero levels for the rest of the week. I´m freezing!!!! Had to go to work today, so I wore my second-warmest jacket, gritted my teeth and trugged through the cold.

Notice the wind direction above? Learnt something new today. When the wind blows from the east, its colder because that´s from Russia. Wind from the west is from the ocean, so its warmer. Wow! Never knew that!

I finally finished my Christmas shopping today! Took a few hours after work - in the COLD! No choice, I had to do it before people go crazy with shopping. Its great to shop on a weekday though. Less people and fitting rooms are empty. But I only bought things I needed! So no extravagant expenditures on myself.

Coming up soon, my pre-birthday party photos!!! Had a blast!

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