Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas dinner

We had our annual corporate Christmas dinner last Thursday. This time, I decided to bring my camera along to take some photos. I´ve been working in this company for almost 2 years and realized that I only had a grand total of 2 photos!

We started by mingling and having glühwine....this is lethal stuff. Warm fruity wine that enters directly into your bloodstream without you realizing it! I was high after only 2 glasses.

Then came the gift exchange. Everybody picks a number. Person 1 starts by choosing a present and unwrapping it. Person 2 gets to decide if she/he wants to steal the present from person 1, or unwrap another person. And on and on it goes. A present cannot be "stolen" more than twice and cannot have the same owner twice. Since my presents were gift vouchers, they ended up being stolen 3 times! I ended up with the Jane Austen DVD "Emma".

We then adjourned for dinner in this amazing restaurant in the Stadtsgalerie. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and ambience this time, since last year´s restaurant left much to be desired. For starters, we had pumpkin soup with coconut milk. Absolutely delicious. I´ve never been a fan of pumpkin soup but somehow this soup really tantalized my taste buds.

For main course we had duck fillet in some sauce. Eh, I´m not fantastic at remembering descriptions!

And for dessert, we had vanilla and chocolate pudding served with an edible orchid! Didn´t even know that one can eat flowers! I couldn´t bring myself to eat Singapore´s national flower so gave it to my colleague who was going from table to table to eat up orchids. Everything was absolutely yummy!

I really like my colleagues a LOT. Every teacher is really nice and I really am blessed with great working relationships with my peers. Its a pity that we don´t meet regularly like in most jobs. You can tell the restaurant was beautiful right?

You can´t see me here because I´m completely blocked, but you can see how "international" my colleagues are - we´ve got Germans, Canadians, Americans, Irish, English, a Colombian and a guy from Trinidad in our midst.

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