Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy birthday to me

So today´s my official birthday, even though I celebrated it last Saturday.

Truth be told, I really feel old this time round. I don´t know why. Up till 26, I still felt "young" but the 7 in the 27 makes it feel like "late twenties"....yikes!

Okok, I don´t want to offend anybody, but just had to express how I feel.
Still I had an awesome birthday party! It was a pretty cozy group, about 20 people and I cooked Asian food. I forgot to take a photo of the food, but we had Vietnamese imperial nems, ginger and turmeric chicken wings, beef stew, Singapore chicken curry, parma ham and melon, cheesecake and other desserts.

I spent Thursday and Friday cooking, so the entire Saturday was spent cleaning the entire house and making the place beautiful.

Really enjoyed the company of close friends during this special time. :) Makes me feel more at home in Germany.
My beautifully-decorated table! Notice me in the mirror?
Notice the utensils placed in glasses lined with blue serviettes? I learnt that here...

Stephan was in charge of buying wines so he got the entire "Gallo" family and one yellow tail wine from Australia

He´s got to be the cutest baby in a jumper suit! He´s turned 6 mths so quickly and is going back to Japan for Christmas.....

The Nishimura-Wong family / Serene and Olav, Serene´s Singaporean too

Kerstin, superbly-cool gal / The Kallenbergers (new friends we made this year)

Some of our guests! Its becoming a tradition to take photos in front of our door!
This is a basket filled with presents - like an Advent´s calendar except that instead of chocolates, there are little presents with accompanying messages. Isn´t this sooo sweet?

Present given to me by Serene and Gerline! Serene knitted this herself! Awesome! Its so nice and warm. Thanks a LOT! :)


JC said...

What ? No french wines here... Are you sure it is really a party ;-)

Pris said...

Hey JC, you´re Steph´s hubby right? Hahahha, I just had to laugh at your comment. Stephan said that he´s crawling in the dust and doesn´t know what to say.... And next time there will definitely be French wine, hahahah!

irene said...

Happy Happy Birthday Pris.......Double blessings indeed for you, more so going into the freezing cold to sing for charity. Kudos and thumbs up.

Lets see if i can blog tonight or tomorrow. Have been a headless chicken for more than a week! It's about 9pm on friday, and think will go blog and share some pics on my ginger bread house. Will take some pics of home decor too.....

Hugs, well virtually and the spirit of Warmth Love from sunny Malaysia......

God bless...

Steph said...

Cheeky JC ! He read your blog and wrote a comment while I was still upstairs putting Leia to bed !
Arrogant frenchy eh ! He does drink Italian white wines though but wont admit it in public !!!

Beau Lotus said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you, Pris!


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