Thursday, December 17, 2009

Singing for Africa

Last Tuesday, we did something good!

Together with our German cell group, the young people we´ve been meeting up with regularly over the past 3 years, we sang Christmas carols along the busiest shopping street in Stuttgart to raise funds for charity.

We´ve been celebrating Christmas by having your usual potluck and gift exchange. Its always nice to end your year like this, but we decided that we wanted to get off our butts to do something different this year.

The option was either to visit a Children hospital or sing carols to collect donations for JAM - the organisation adopted by our church to feed children in Africa. The latter won since we would have had to come up with a proposal for the former and we didn´t have enough time for that.

Just before we started - Boy, temperatures were sub-zero and I was shivering from both the cold and the apprehension. Christmas hats, posters, tin cans, flyers in hand and off we went!
Doesn´t my sweetie look cute in his Christmas hat?

Overall I must say that it was a good experience. Good because we did something together as a cell group that required us to get out of our comfort zone to do something for a good cause and for God too!- Since we did sing of the birth of Jesus after all.

Some tourists from South Africa were so overwhelmed that we were raising funds for Africa that they joined us in our singing for a while! Really hilarious!

That said, we met some not-so-nice people who were rude. But that´s understandable since there are so many people asking for donations around Christmas time.

There were 12 of us in total and everybody gave their 110% effort. :) Perhaps next year we might opt for something more "effective" like baking stuff and selling them at the one-day Christmas markets in smaller towns.

We sang in the middle of the Christmas market in Stuttgart. If you think this photo looks nice, wait til you see the photos I´ll take when my friends come over for a visit. The German Christmas markets are seriously world-class!

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