Sunday, November 01, 2009

Leg warmers

White top from Zara, white cap from Esprit (spent 3 years scouting for one in the exact same design), skirt from C&A, necklace from Tina and ankle boots from Paul Green.

The first time I came across leg warmers was when I was playing with my Barbie doll as a child.

I thought that it looked sooo cool to wear leg warmers, but felt that I could never carry it off since I´m vertically-challenged. Ok, not exactly, but compared to most of the girls here, I am on the shorter side.

Until I looked at this year´s autumn fashion and realized that leg warmers are the "in" thing again. I thought, why not just buy one and try it out.

Turns out that when worn properly (at the right length), they elogate the legs too! You bet this will be my latest fashion accessory.

Only danger about this is that I´m often mistaken as one of the students in class. That said, most of the teachers are younger than the students anyway.


irene said...

Adult booties!!! Don't you love being a girl and living in a country with 4 seasons! Babies look "smashingly" cute in booties, so these are adults look nice, i esp like the

Wish i could email you, but just to share a revelation during this morning's devotion from Proverbs 3:3-4, Let LOVE and FAITHFULLNESS never leave you, bind them around yr neck.....

As i meditated on this, i realise GOD IS LOVE and He is FAITHFUL, so we must never let HIM leave us(of course he won't)Metaphorically my mind adorned HIM around my neck, and wrote HIM in my heart....Wow, imagine the last sentence of having God's favour and being in His sight, and having a good name with man too! Awesome...

Take care and Blessed November Pris!!!

Pris said...

Hi Irene!
Thanks for your compliments. Yeah, adults have booties too! I like the seasons too, just got to overcome the darkness....

Thanks for sharing that with me. :) Never thought of it the way you did. Cool!

Take care you too! Blessed Nov as well.

Cory said...

Hey dear, finally I can post a comment in Korea where there is no restriction in internet!!!!
the legwarmers looks good, my shopping trip in korea failed! I thought I could have nice fashion victories from korea with some nice style. but they are not so nice and not so cheap toO! Guess I have to shop back in BJ!
Next, I can post replies when I am in Thailand from Sunday nite onwards... I am going to shop, shop, shop!

Pris said...

Dear Cory! I´m SOO amazed by you! Really sooo adventurous and travelling to different countries! :) And its sooo sweet of you to pop by my blog even when you´re on holiday. Awwww. Pity about the ban of blogger in China.... my friend can´t access blogger its hard to keep in touch. Enjoy your tripS!


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