Monday, October 05, 2009

France trip 5 - Théoule-Sur-Mer

Look at how clear the waters are!

Taking the photo from the highest lookout point

We went out with the Picards on Friday to this lovely beach called Théoule-Sur-Mer. Its a very scenic spot to go for a walk and swim.

After all that French cheese, I was very happy to have a work-out before lunch. Stephan had it hard with the 5.2-kg buggy but JC had it the hardest with 10.2-kg Leia. **Bravo!!**

We had to climb quite a lot of stairs to get to the top, but were rewarded by a great view from above. It was pretty similar to our hiking trips in Germany with the in-laws, sans the sea view.

Also, I got really "close" to nature as there were no public toilets!

Shall not reveal any more information, but let´s just say that it was a liberating experience. In Europe, one is not bounded by rules.

You´re basically allowed to do whatever you want and nobody is going to stare or make you feel embarrassed.

There´s pros and cons to this Laissez Faire attitude. For myself, I was just happy to overcome my own awkwardness and personal embarrassment, to realize "Hey! Take it easy! It´s really ok to be human."

That´s Steph! Steph and Ailing are best friends since school days. Ailing introduced us online and we have kept in touch ever since through blogging. She is such an awesome person and host! Very bubbly, chatty and she exudes this warmth and hospitality that makes you feel totally at home with her!
Trying it out with the crocs that Steph brought for me. But so many pebbles got into the shoes that I decided to go without them in the end. Its really difficult to walk on the rocky ground, much like a foot reflexology path.

Look at how big the rocks are!
And a beautiful house overlooking the sea.

What we had for lunch - Salade Nicoise, pasta with schnitzel, I had scallops with saffron sauce accompanied by various side dishes - super yummy! For dessert we had Créme Brulee.
Leia overload. That´s Steph´s and JC´s beautiful 1.5-yr old daughter. Isn´t she such a doll? I have to agree that her nickname "chilli padi" suits her really well!


Steph said...

Wow, thats a beautiful collage you did on the chilli padi ;)
Thanks for the compliments btw.
Glad u had such a memorable liberating experience ;)
And it's not river view but seaview lah ;)

Steph said...

JC wants me to add that the mclaren stroller weighs 5.5kgs and Leia 10.2kgs so Stephane had the better deal ;)
I've very grateful though that he helped carry the stroller !

Pris said...

Hi Steph! No problem! Glad you liked it! Made the collage using Picasa, its the easiest thing ever. Oh man, Didn´t know that JC is sooo observant! Stephan couldn´t remember how heavy the stroller was, so I just put an arbitary number. hee. Ok, have corrected the mistakes!

Sabrina said...

Looks so lovely!

And I absolutely LOVE Creme Brulee, it's the best dessert there is!!!

:) Makes me hungry just thinking about it... :)

Pris said...

Thanks Jie Jie! :) I love this dessert too! Except that I still prefer Tiramisu I think! Hee.

cuclainne said...

Know what you mean about being close to nature - it happened to me as well at Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland. Well, if you have to go, then you have to go .. lol.

Pris said...

Hihi Cuclainne!
That´s so funny that u had the same liberating experience! haha. Do u have more photos of your lovely daughters?


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