Monday, October 12, 2009

France part 6 - Vence

Above: Houses built on a hill

Sorry for the long hias. I had a couple of stuff to blog about last week - interesting stuff with photos. BUT, I accidentally deleted the photos after downloading them on my computer! You know how you think that the downloaded photos are "old" and you already have a copy of them? So you just conveniently delete the entire folder? Yup! That´s what I did!

I almost strangled myself after that! I even deleted Stephan´s soccer match photos which he took with his best friend! Oh man, if guilt could kill, I would have been dead a few times by now. Anyway, I have since chosen to be gracious and forgiving to myself ..... shall just have to be more careful in future.

Our last day in France was spent in Vence. Another lovely city with scenic views. This time we went with the entire Picard family and I must say, I take my hats off to Steph! And JC too. Both of them are soooo efficient with sight-seeing, shopping with two kiddos in tow and still having to entertain us. No mean feat!

Luke looks scared of me! Hah...My beanie having his breakfast outside a bakery (Patisserie)

It helped that there was a Saturday market, with lots of open-air stalls, sheep... for the kids to look at.

The different sights of this town - Old-school fountain with portable water, old walls and an Atelier, where people can take classes to make Mosaic art.

Various exhibits: Garlic plants (top right) and a durian porcupine. I think its a durian, while the others thought it was a porcupine. What do you think?

Handicrafts painstakingly hand-made with their details cemented using oven heat.

The childrens´merry-go-round is manually-operated by the man cycling on the left

Different exhibits (clockwise from top left) - A manual Bellman, tool-welding, an olive-oil machine and sheep-shearing.

In front of la mairie, the registry of weddings, a random shot to prove that I was there
Ohhh, the mouth-watering French p√Ętisserie.....


Steph said...

That random building you posed with was actually la mairie, the mayor's office and people go there to get married before going to the church next door for the religious ceremony.
Every town has a mairie.

As for managing the kidoos, everything is juggled on a tightrope that can snap any minute and no amount of prep can prevent a meltdown happening sometimes as something small like a cranky child can upset the whole balance...but guess we just take it in stride if that happens...what else can we do eh.

Pris said...

Thanks for the information Steph! Yah I guess like everything in life, nothing is predictable. Its always best to take things one day at a time. Great that God´s mercy and love is new every morning!!!!


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