Sunday, October 04, 2009

France part 4 - Antibes

Antibes is another city close to Nice. All these small cities along the French Riveria are about 15-30 minutes apart from each other. We were really happy that we got a car during our time there since the public transport was pretty infrequent there. Below: A lazy cat epitomizing the general atmosphere of Antibes
Antibes is a very quaint village with interesting stores, quaint sideways and lots of restaurants. Reminded me a bit of Holland Village in Singapore. The entire place was sooo interesting. Its a tourist spot, but isn´t as crowded as Nice. And the place just had this "French-ness" about it. Great place to spend a leisurely afternoon - Taking in the sights, doing some people-watching and enjoying the lazyness lingering in the air.

The back alleys are simply awesome. Its such an experience just to walk along these sidewalks and see what´s around the next bend. I liked especially to see how the modern shops (hairdresser on the right) are located side-by-side with older houses (on the left)
My beanie trying to fit in with his idyllic surroundings
Posing with some random rose bush
Where we bought some wine for our parents and our "French" hosts
Seafood galore......

We went to this restaurant, Le Brulot, upon Steph´s recommendation..
where we had escargoes as starters, followed by grilled dory fish for myself and some steak for Stephan.
What the streets look like by night.... as I said, idyllic, romantic and just what you would picture a French street to look like.


Anonymous said...

Hi Prissy, welcome back :) Wow, your France trip looks so nice. You had escargots for dinner?? Uuuh, how did it taste? I wouldn't dare...


Pris said...

Hi dear Geli! Yeah we had escargots for dinner. Actually it taste like mushrooms! When you get over the fact that they are snails, its pretty ok. I don´t need to have it everyday though! Tried my first escargots in this wasn´t a first try.

Beau Lotus said...

I'm so envious - ahh les fruits de mer...

Pris said...

Hey Serene! :) I´m envious of ALL your cooking! Waiting to buy a bigger car and then it´d be no problem to drive down to visit you!


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