Monday, October 12, 2009

Beauty of Villenueve-Loubet (Steph´s house)

View from her garden, that´s the Alps in the background
I thought that I should write about Steph´s place. We spent quite a few evenings there over meals and its just sooo beautiful!!!! And this would also be our thank you blog post to Steph and JC. For taking the time really to spend with us. Bringing us around, letting us share in your lives and just welcoming us so readily even though this is the first time that we met up face-to-face. Really miss you all and will wanna go back and visit soon!

That´s the childrens´playground. The wooden ground was painstakingly done-up by JC.
Before and after grilling, can you imagine why I really had sooo look forward to this??
JC´s grilled fish, prawns, scallops and zucchini, seasoned with herbs, salt, pepper and olive oil.

He´s such a pro man! You should see the way he cuts up the fish, removes the bones and serves it.... just like in a restaurant. I LOVeee Seafood.... fish, prawns, scallops, crabs.

Anything that swims, I will eat. Ok minus the stuff with shells.... I can´t stand cockles, mussels - you get the idea. But yeah, being at the French Riveria, one simply has to try the seafood!

That´s when I asked Steph if we could have seafood BBQ at her place, since I know that JC is an amazing BBQ chef as I´ve seen lots of photos of him grilling in their garden....

And boy, I so wasn´t disappointed. The seafood was SOO fresh! And sooo worth the price! We had enough seafood for 4 people for only 40€. That´s awesome, isn´t it? One would pay that price for 2 people at a restaurant. Can you believe it that this is one of the things I´m so looking forward to, when we return the next time?!?

That´s sweet-and-sour prawns with mixed vegetables. Yummilicious! And Steph with this resealable red wine packet. There´s a tap at the side for one to fill up a cup of red wine. The tap closes automatically when the lid is pressed down and the red wine is great to be kept again! Superbly innovative idea.


Steph said...

Hey so pai seh cos I look like an alcoholic in the photo ! Hic ;)

Definitely enjoyed our merry evenings in your good company and looking forward to seeinf you both again soon !

Pris said...

Hey Steph,
No lah don´t look alcoholic at all.

YUpz! We enjoyed our jolly good meetings too!!! And awesome foodie! Stay well!


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