Sunday, October 04, 2009

France part 3 - Cannes

Cannes. The place where the Cannes Film festival is held. Founded in 1946, it is one of the world´s oldest and most prestigious film festivals. Every year stars flock here for one week to grace the red carpets and in the hope of winning the highly-coveted Palme d'Or or the Grand Prix.

We popped by this place for a few hours and were a bit disappointed with it. It looked very much like the rest of the French Riveria and wasn´t particularly nicer. Although I can imagine that during the film festival, the entire place would be completely-transformed by the hordes of people descending here for a taste of glamour and fame.

As mentioned earlier, the people here are a few notches more snobbish than those you find in other cities along the French Riveria. We also made the mistake of not exploring the old part of the city and only the modern side.

Final verdict: I still prefer Nice or Antibes, hands-down.
In front of the French Riveria where restaurants offer both food, sun chairs as well as a private beach for its guests

What we had for lunch... Italian food, spaghetti and pizza

Typical sights of Cannes: expensive hotels, luxurious yachts... that´s my beanie lying on the sidewalk in a bid to cool himself down from the sweltering heat

What better way to cool yourself down than to have an ice-cream?

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