Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dad´s trip part 2 - Ulm with my 2 Dads

We wanted to go somewhere relatively close for a day trip and decided on Ulm since its only an hour´s drive away and my Dad could see the world´s highest cathedral. I for one, wasn´t looking forward to the 736 climb up to the top, since I can still remember what it was like to climb it not too long ago (here). Nevertheless, the view was really breath-taking again.

The weather left much to be desired though, since it was raining the whole day, sky was overcast and as warm as I was dressed, I could still feel the cold biting into my skin. It even snowed in Dresden where my Dad came from, as he presented a paper at some seminar there. Being Singaporean, he was obviously delighted to have such cold weather - the colder, the better. Its a running gag now that whenever my Dad comes to visit, we´ll have cold weather.
Right: Oh boy, we look like giants here!

Taking a break half-way on our tedious climb up
Rewarded by the awesome view from above: That´s the top of the other two steepels...

...and the river Donna running through the city
The cathedral from the inside

Some sights in Ulm

In front of the famous slanted hotel - can see the slant from the left

Being the weathergirl in Ulm for the day


Precious Gems said...

Beautiful pics. I have just written a blog you might be interested in Take a peek!

Pris said...

Hey Precious Gems!
Thanks for popping by! I took a peek at your blog! Very insightful! May I ask if you take snippets of your material from Joel Osteen´s website? I just had to think of the "difference between thermometer and thermostat" example.


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