Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Oh man, I had 5 needles stuck in each of my ears today.

All in the hope of finally getting over the throat pain that has been bugging me for the past 3 months (and counting...)

It was the most painful thing ever.

I had my first acupuncture experience at 18 when I had backache and somehow couldn´t bend over. It was just one small needle at that inserted in my arm. No pain, nothing. I was almost convinced that there was no effect whatsoever.

Turns out, after 10 mins of keeping the needle in, the pain in my back was completely gone and never returned.

I did my research about acupuncture too because there are 2 schools of thought, ranging from the "method is ok, just be careful about the practitioner" to the "never try acupuncture, its evil". We also talked to our pastor about it and prayed about this issue.

The hubby came along and we asked the specialist all our questions. He answered them very professionally and to our satisfaction. We both felt peace about going ahead with the procedure and I subsequently subjected myself to needle torture.

I hate needles, vaccinations, anything sharp puts me off. I tried to psycho myself that it would probably feel like you´re piercing your ears when you want to wear earrings.

The first prick was "ok". BUT the pricks got progressively more and more painful. After 5 needles in one ear, I was shocked that the doctor was going to repeat the same procedure in the other ear! Ohmigosh....

He was firm and told me to keep still and to stop squirming. I had to just grit my teeth and go through the pain.

And this is not the end! I have to go for another 2 more sessions before I might see an improvement in my pain.

Doc says that 5% of the patients would experience a worsening of the pain in the affected areas after the first session - which is a good sign because this means that the affected nerves have been pin-pointed by the acupuncture.

I´m just not looking forward to the next session. I´m actually paying 40€ per session to get tortured! This had better work....

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