Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Singaporean(ess) in Swabianland

We had a pretty simple weekend. The hub went to Frankfurt for an annual car exhibition with his guyfriend on Saturday. He´s really into cars and apparently knew that he wanted to own a "Porsche" even before he could pronounce it properly.

For dinner, we met up with some Singaporean friends whom we haven´t seen in a while. Normally bias towards Asian fare, we decided to go to some German restaurant this time round since we are afterall staying in Germany!

And boy, what a great decision it was! I think I want to start going to more German restaurants now. They may be pricey but still not as expensive as our Sushi experience (here).

And Germans REALLY know how to do meat. Beef, pork, chicken, you name it. As long as its meat, there´s always some house specialities in every restaurant. Being in the Swabian region, most dishes are complemented by sauces too. And I lurve meat with sauces....

That was sooo yummy. Pork steak (Rückensteak), with spinach, pine nuts and grilled giant prawns, served in some cream sauce.

That´s Serene, Ee-shu and Gerline, 3 Singaporeans and 1 Malaysian. Serene´s always the mastermind of new restaurant ideas. **Thanks**!

Everytime we meet, its just endless Singlish and super-fast talking. This time round, we also had "Malay-lish". We ended the evening by going for drinks at this place near Königsbau, which name I´ve forgot! One needs a dosage of Singaporeaness every now and then especially when one is staying abroad.

Don´t ask me why my hubby looks so "cartoon"... He seems to enjoy making goofy faces in photos. It makes me impatient when all I want is a simple, no-nonsense shot. However, that´s the same thing that makes him sooo endearing too! :)

Where you go for awesome German and local specialities
Stuttgarter Ratskeller

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