Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nice, here I come....

We´re flying off to Nice, France today!

So excited because this would be my first time in France and the Mediterranean Sea. It also marks the first visit where we´d actually know someone there!

We´d visit Steph and her family. Steph is the best friend of Ailing, my mentor in Singapore, who is currently in New Zealand working for Youth with a Mission (website).

I´ve not met her in real life and have only kept in touch with her online. Can´t wait to see her 2 beautiful kids too!

We actually booked this trip when I was advised by my doctor to go on holiday near the ocean, since he had diagnosed my "sore throat" to be caused by a lack of salt water content in the air. After 2.5 months of the same problem, I reckoned that that is not the case, but oh well! Any excuse for a short getaway!

The hubby´s coming along... great opportunity for him to practise his French.....Will be back on Sunday...til!

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