Monday, September 14, 2009

New Jap-Chinese baby (日本和华人宝宝)

Stuttgart had its annual Weindorf -wine festival. Its a week-long festival when Schwäbisch restaurants set up their makeshift stores to sell German specialities and wine from this region. The prices are exorbitant but its a great opportunity to sit in the sun and enjoy the Al Fresco feel before the cold weather sets in. Talking about cold weather, its like 12 degrees today!!!

I met up with my dear friend, A. who recently gave birth to a baby boy. The last time I met her, she was still pregnant (click here).

Her baby, Kazuma, which means "a horse" in Japanese, weighed a hefty 3.6kg at birth! That´s pretty heavy considering that A. is much smaller than me. In Japanese, you choose a name according to the sound first, then you decide on the meaning of the name. However, in Chinese you normally choose the meaning of the name first before the sound.

So Kazuma being half-Chinese-half-Japanese, had to have a name to fit both cultures. Turns out (coincidentally) that there´s a proverb in Chinese (一马当先) which means "A horse leading the pack". Not bad eh? Her father-in-law was very impressed at the choice of his name.

That´s me and 3-month old Kazuma....He´s so smart! Knows how to smile when in front of a camera. Some things just don´t have to be taught.... Don´t you think he looks sooo Jap? Everybody was just marvelling at the amount of hair he has. Most babies here have very little hair at birth.

Above: My new phone. Sony Ericsson W508. It comes in 4 different covers and I simply love the white floral print - such a girly phone. The walkman function is awesome too! The sound quality is really clear and it has a very good base sound too. Yup, I got this for 10€ more a month for the next 2 years.


Chrish said...

OMGosh! The bb is so adorable! So much hair! and interesting name :)

Pris said...

Dear Chrish! Yes! He is! Very cute. First jap-chinese baby that I have carried too.... and he´s soo easy, slept the entire 3 hrs we were having lunch and talking.


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