Saturday, May 16, 2009

Snippets of my life

It´s been a while since I last posted about my "normal" life in Germany. When we came back from Singapore, the place looked so different! One month made such a vast difference to the colour of the trees and the surroundings! Its like spring really arrived with grandeur! The days are longer and warmer - though mornings and nights are still pretty chilly. However, we really enjoy having the extra sunlight :)

As I´m blogging now, its 8pm but it still looks like 5pm in winter! With the extra heat, comes the barbecue season. People here take the chance to barbecue anytime they can. We´ve been to 3 BBQs so far over 2 weekends. I don´t bother to season my own meat since those you can get at the supermarkets are really tasty.
On 1st of May, we attended a baptism-cum-hiking trip. One of our youths from our cell got baptised and Stephan had the honour of baptising him together with another elder of our church. I really like the expression on Stephan´s face in this photo. He has the typical "Am I doing it correctly?" look.
Barbecue outdoors is really really cool. They use real firewood and the barbecue pits are the primitive suspension type, such that you really get the black lines on your meat after barbecuing. People also use long twigs to barbecue their sausages and marshmellows on them. Needless to say, German sausages are simply the best in the world!
My newfound friend Kerstin. She took over Miri´s youth cell after Miri left for Bolivia. Remember how I felt so sad that Miri left? (more details) Kerstin´s amazing! We speak English together since she wants to practise her English and she´s around my age too. Really thankful to be able to start a new friendship with her!
I also met up with A. and L. recently. I got to know both of them in German class in 2007 and have kept in contact with them ever since. A. is 9 months pregnant and will be expecting her baby boy come June. Its a really exciting time for her and I feel so thrilled to be able to share this journey with her. L. already has a baby boy, M. who will turn 1 in June too. She´s half-Canadian and half-Chinese, so that makes M. 1/4 chinese, 1/4 Canadian and 1/2 German. So interesting right?


Jennifer said...

Dear Pris,

How have you been? I went through your blog (though haven't read everything yet)... wow... so much has happened the past month since you returned from SG... thanks for sharing the photos on Bali... they are great (and you and Stephan look great)!!! Miss you...


Pris said...

Dear Jen! :) So nice to see you online again! Congrats on completing your pratikum! :) Happy for you! Sorry haven´t had the time to reply yr email yet! I´ve been quite bloged down by work, but trying to learn how to cope with it. Having some health problems too...more irritating than anything. Could pray for me? Let´s arrange a time to talk again ok? Does Tues work for you? I´m free anytime from 12noon to 3.45pm my time...that means 6pm to 9.45pm for you.
Luv Pris


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