Monday, August 24, 2009

Short weekend trip to Munich

Above: Improvising on the Karen Cheng. You can just put the camera on a table in front of the mirror. Saves you the trouble of trying to stabilize your hands so that you don´t end up with a blurry image since you can´t use the flash. That´s the popular fashion these days, a loose off-the-shoulder top with denim skirt.

Hubby and I came back from a short trip to Munich last weekend. Poor beanie had to work on both Saturday and Sunday - teaching tax and finance modules in a private school.

It rained on Saturday and I felt too lazy to go shopping in the rain. So I lazed around in the hotel and went for a short swim, while waiting for him to get back before going shopping. Only went to one store (Fashion Club) and ended up buying 3 tops in 40mins. They unfortunately (or fortunately) don´t have this store in Stuttgart! It was sooo cool, the clothes were similar to that of H&M, only cheaper and not as mass-produced.

I really wanted to have Japanese food, because I thought that a bigger city should have better and more affordable International crusine. Turns out, the best Jap restaurant they had in Munich had skyrocket prices such that we decided to eat somewhere else, even though we had already placed a reservation there.

We met up with the Gerstbergers the next day for an early dinner. Always cool to meet up with them no matter how short it is. We popped by the cocktail bar where Shirlene works and found out that it was a very nice, chill-out Mexican place buzzling with young people and offering superb music Salsalitos

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