Thursday, July 16, 2009

H1N1 Song - How Singaporeans deal with the swine flu

Oh geez, this is so funny...and you can really hear the Singlish (Singaporean accent) there! My dear friend, Steph emailed it to me and I thought that I simply had to share with you.... Singaporeans, you´d love it hahaha.....Non-Singaporeans welcome to the world of Singlish.....

Sorry can´t blog properly because our Internet only started working yesterday. That meant we went 1 whole week without internet. And boy, I don´t even want to start with the mountain of problems we faced with the Internet Service provider. What´s important now is that its over and we finally have internet.

The bad side is, we only have one evening to research for our Venice and Rome trip. Oh boy. Perhaps I might just sign us up for a guided tour recommended by

Will blog again when I´m back next Thursday! Adios you all, have a great weekend and God bless!


Sabrina said...

That would be 'ciao' really if you are going to Italy... :)

Sabrina said...

Have just looked it up on YouTube and forwarded it to my colleagues here. So funny!!!!

Pris said...

OH hahah...adios is Spanish? Hah, how did you find the video???

Pris said...

Hey jie jie, cool beans! Did you manage to understand the Singlish? Have a great weekend! :) Ciao!


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