Friday, July 24, 2009

Italian whirlwind - part 1

We´re back from Italy! In short, the country is beyond beautiful, the weather Singaporean-like and I´m just über-tired from the lack of sleep, lots of walking and travelling.

We covered Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome in 4 full days and 2 half-days (of travelling by car).

I´ve got a million photos to sort out but before I bore myself with photo-editing, (to make it more interesting to post on my blog), I shall show you what I bought for keepsakes!

We didn´t have time to go shopping, so on one of our stops at the gas station, I decided that I simply had to get hold of some Italian must-haves i.e. pesto sauce, Italian herbs, Balsamico de Modena, extra virgin olive oil etc.... Oh I´ve tried the pesto. And honestly, it still doesn´t taste as good as my home-made one! And I´m so not being bias here.

Having a bummer now because my throat recovered and was 100% fine when I was in hot and humid Italy. No sooner when I arrived back home, slept the night and went back to work, my throat deteriorated back to square one! Its now painful, scratchy and itchy (AGAIN!) I´m sooo at my wit´s end. Either there´s a serious problem of dustmites in our bedroom or I´m simply allergic to the air in Germany!


Sabrina said...

Looking forward to hearing all about Italy on Sunday. :)

Maybe you are allergic to something? Doesn't have to be dust but could be something outside your house. Might want to look into an allergy test?


Pris said...

Hi jiejie! I´m looking forward to seeing you again too! Its been a while! Did go for an allergy test but while I am allergic to some things, there´s nothing in the air for this time of the year that I´m allergic to. **bummer** So it can´t be the air.... As I said, I´m at a loss about what´s wrong.
Mei Mei


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