Saturday, June 06, 2009

Farewell to 18 years of faithfulness

Stephan hardly requests me to blog anything, so I was really amused at his first "blog request". After serving him faithfully for 18 years, his Birkenstock home sandals finally gave way this week. It should have "died" a few months ago when one of its straps broke, however Stephan gave it a new lease of life by stapling the strap.

However, even the staples had to give way at some point in time and Stephan asked me to give his old shoes a proper farewell. I personally find this really sweet - the sentimental side of my hubby surfacing.

He lamented that the next time his new house shoes give way, he would be in his 50s! Argh.

So yes. Germans DO wear Birkenstock but not on fancy shopping streets mind you, only at home. That´s a major false stereotype that everybody has - that Germans run around in their world-famous Birkenstocks..... Oh, Stephan did "repay" Birkenstock´s faithfulness by buying another pair of shoes - not from Birkenstock, but Tchibo - which is a great brand too, but not known outside Germany.....


Sabrina said...

Tchibo is in the UK, too, I still go there and get stuff (same things each week as you get in Germany).

Bye bye to the Birkenstocks! Aaawwww... Remember when he first got them, too... :) Bless...

Also I've turned a bit English, am now wearing Birkenstocks on the street as well. However, the first year this was trend I couldn't make myself do it and laughed at the queue outside the Birkenstock shop in Covent Garden. Hardly ever wear them in Germany though. ;)


Pris said...

Oh hahah, you aren´t very German anymore, are you? hahah. Seriously? You were there when Stephan bought his Birkenstocks? Oh boy, they must be ancient! I wear Bata shoes - which are Birkenstocks copycat...but they cost a fraction of the price and everybody thinks they are Birkenstocks! hahah.


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