Saturday, June 06, 2009

Munich part 2 - Meet up with the Gerstbergers

I Munich part 2.
We met up with Shirlene and her hubby Nils in Munich. Shirlene, a fellow Singaporean, moved to Munich a year ago with her hubby, who is also originally from Stuttgart.

They have such a superb cosy apartment in a fantastic neighbourhood only 15mins to the main city centre on foot. Its such a home-away-from-home when one visits a city where one knows somebody who lives there.

That´s why we would like to visit more places where we know people who live there. Give us some time k? So far, I have friends in London, France, Italy, Norway and Spain. I guess if we´re staying here for good, we´d have the rest of our lives to visit these places!

With the Gerstbergers

We had our first dinner at this Bayerish restaurant, Augustine, recommended by Nils. It served local specialities like sausage-overdose and pork tenderloins with potatoes. Yummy! Actually what most people think is "typical German food" really is "typical food from Bayern"

Reasons why I love Munich.... I think that´s the Parliament house...

The front of the shopping area

Some of random sights in Munich. Top left is the roof of the famous "HofbrÀuhaus" which interior looks like that of the world-famous October festival. Maximilian street is one of the richest streets in Europe, with all the branded stores lining both sides of the street.

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