Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rucola - My latest vegetable fave

I saw a packet of organic Rucola, (or Rocket Salad) the other day and thought why not give it a try? So I bought it without knowing what to make out of it.

But that´s the fun part about cooking! When you discover something new, it creates a new dimension in your eating experience. Besides, I´ve been getting bored at my food, so I figured its time for something new.

Besides, I´ve always liked the taste of Rucola, its sorta spicy and has this distinctive taste of its own even when mixed with other types of salad.

That´s my own simple - and healthy recipe of Beef Steak with Rucola and Mozzarella Cheese. Makes a full meal by itself.

300grams Beef steak (Rinderhuft / Rump Steak) 
1 packet Rucola / Rocket salad 
1 packet of Mozzarella Cheese 
Handful of Pine nuts 
Fresh brown mushrooms (sliced) 
1 Red pepper 
250grams Cherry Tomatoes, diced 
Balsamic Vinegar (Due Vittorie, from Modena) 
Olive oil 
2 cloves Garlic


1. Grill mushroom and red pepper in the oven with a dash of olive oil and garlic 

2. In the meantime, wash the Rucola, dice the cherry tomatoes and mix them in a salad bowl with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil 

3. Grill the Beef Steak with some salt and pepper for about 3 mins on each side

4. Mix the grilled vegetables with the fresh vegetables so that the taste is evenly distributed 

5. Arrange salad on a plate with beef steak and Mozzarella cheese 

6. Garnish with some pine nuts (optional, but they go very well together)

Rucola with prawns pasta
- Boil the pasta
- Fry prawns and mushrooms with garlic
- Add in the rucola for a min to wilt it and take it out of the pan immediately
- When the pasta is done, mix it together with the ingredients
- Add a dash of salt and pepper, together with balsamic vinegar and grated parmesan cheese
- Garnish with pine nuts

Any favourite recipes with Rucola to share?


Cory said...

Hey Pris,
I love rocket leaves! They are really expensive in Singapore! Your master piece looks yummy yummy!

Pris said...

Hi Cory! Yah, that´s the other name for it- rocket. Oh I think they would be expensive in Sg, won´t it? Its pretty cheap here... 500grams for 1€. And its seasonal, so I try to eat them whenever they sell it. Thanks dear! I can´t wait to buy some new ones to cook!

Cuclainne said...

I love them .. especially in a portobello salad or scattered over a beef carpaccio piazza! lovely!

Pris said...

Hi Cuclainne! :) Nice to have you pop by my blog! What´s a portobello salad? Is that the mushroom thing? I have not tried making one before.... Do you have any recipes to share?


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