Thursday, June 25, 2009

Home-made 出前一丁

I had some leftover chicken stock frozen in my fridge and wanted to make some mushroom soup, since I had some leftover fresh mushroom.

I happily bought some cream and was about to cook my soup when I realized to my shock and horror that the mushrooms smelt funny after just 1 day in the fridge! (Note to self: Never to leave unused fresh mushrooms overnight)

Didn´t want to risk food poisoning so I decided that I would rather forgo the mushroom soup and come up with something else, since I had already de-froze the chicken stock.

Being alone at home, I decided to come up with my home-made instant noodles! Just homemade chicken stock with mushrooms, eggs, pork, some bean sprouts and spring onions.

Oh boy, it tasted just like "出前一丁" - a famous brand of instant noodles but without the distinctive taste of the MSG. I still do eat instant noodles about once a week (mainly for lunch), but try to limit it because of its not-so-healthy nutritional values.


Serene said...

You can leave mushrooms in the fridge overnight, but you have to keep them in a paper tute.. not in one of those plastic ones.. they keep longer that way

Pris said...

Hey Serene, thanks for the tip. A paper tute - is that a bag made of paper? I just left them in a paper box - unclosed and it looked funny after that...I guess I should seal it up the next time.


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