Friday, June 05, 2009

Munich part 1 - Holiday Inn Hotel

Ok, I know that my blog has been collecting dust. I´m working on resuscitating it!

I Munich part 1.We came back from Munich late Monday and have been trying to balance work, catch up with our household chores, unpacking etc.

As for now, Stephan is back in Munich again (to teach) and will only be home tomorrow at 8pm. We´ve got to re-think this whole teaching in Munich thing because unless I go with him, our weekend is basically ruined since Munich is afterall a good 2.5hrs away one direction.

Well, in short Munich is such a dream city! Everybody has been telling me that Munich is a snobbish city - very superficial where people only care about outward appearances. I didn´t realize that though - perhaps Singapore is not much different, being a shopping paradise itself.

On the contrary, I actually felt very much at home in Munich.

Its huge - 1.2 million inhabitants, bigger than Stuttgart´s 600,000 but still smaller than Singapore´s 4.5 million.

The thing I liked about Munich is its urban, cosmopolitan flair. I told hubby that our visit to Munich has changed my mindset about Germany. Munich is the first big German city that I´ve visited and before that my impression of Germany was only from Stuttgart. Hence I always had a narrow mentality that Germany consisted of small, boring cities.

However, Munich is awesome! I can´t wait to visit other big German cities now, like Berlin, Hamburg etc.There are a lot of tourists so one doesn´t feel like a foreigner, the old city eludes this charm that transcends time - the city is more than 800 years old and was even an Olympic city a while ago, plus English is heard very often along the streets (which makes me feel even more at home there).
Our room on the 11th floor. Very comfy with a great view. We paid 170€ for 2 nights for a 4* hotel. Sounds pricey but its actually reasonable for Munich´s standards.
Great view of the city from our hotel room
First time seeing a mini bar like this where things are not allowed to be taken out and replaced later, since there is a sensor that automatically charges it to your account. How smart!
Notice that every item has a sensored surface? Is this German technology or is it actually like that in most hotels nowadays?
The superb breakfast area. We had "free" breakfast because we booked our room with no-refund for cancellation. And boy, tripadvisor advised us correctly! The breakfast here is superb! Way better than what you would expect from a 4* hotel - it´s easily a 5* breakfast. That was definitely a highlight of our day.
Our typical breakfast selection. There was a whole range of fruits, yoghurt, juices as well.
Our first breakfast together in Munich - ahh the comforts of having breakfast ready for you! I´m actually a breakfast person even though I´d prefer to sleep in anytime. Sometimes we´d have breakfast during lunchtime! haha.
A preview of the photos to come. That´s the old city hall.
That´s the "Glockenspiel" which plays music and the figurines dance at certain times of the day
I still have lots of photos to sort out. So look out for more blog entries on Munich!


Cory said...

Hey Pris,
Glad you love Munich! Me too. :-)
Englischer Garten is my favourite spot, other fav are Sendlinger Strasse, Odeonplatz...
Nice info about the hotel! I have never stayed in a hotel in Munich explains why. So tricky about the drinks in the bar, this is the first time I have seen/heard of it!

Pris said...

Hey dear faithful reader Cory,
Munich was your hometown for a year right? Its a gorgeous place! I have not been to Sendlinger Straße, Odeonplatz we have been to, but haven´t posted photos yet. Yah, the drinks are very least they warned us first! Have u been to Bali yet, or going to?

Cory said...

Hi Pris!
I have been a faithful reader cos I have been a lazy blogger recently. Yeah, I really missed my ex-hometown... :-)Nothing really exciting about my life now, except travelling, which only takes place once in a while here.
Bali is in Aug, Bangkok is in July! I'm really looking fwd to both! Am going Malaysia this weekend with my tennis frenz to relak. :-)

Pris said...

Hey Cory! :) You are travelling a lot girl! So nice....travelling´s quite expensive here...Munich´s not far but the hotels are expensive! Have u been clicking on my ads too? I realized that my earnings are increasing quite fast! Almost hitting 20€ soon! Can you believe that? Boy, I could turn this into a side business hahah.


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