Monday, May 18, 2009

I don´t like going to the dentist....

Oh boy. I scared myself over the weekend for nothing!

I felt a "growing" wisdom tooth and was so sure that I needed to pull it out. Hence I made an appointment at the dentist and even announced to the entire world (ie. my boss and my students) that I was going to pull out my wisdom tooth.

We cancelled one class tomorrow - thinking that I wouldn´t be able to talk after my extraction.

Turns out that there was no wisdom tooth! What I thought was there was actually not there and had been taken out before!

Boy, I ended up going to the dentist, being worried and scared for nothing! Plus I had to wait another 30mins before the train came to go home.

Anyway, I am happy that I don´t have to go through the pain now! I still have 2 more wisdom teeth on the top of my mouth but I shall just pray that they will never come out for the rest of my life!

Moving on to something more lighthearted....

Its back to experimenting with food.... We recently tried Spanish dates covered with bacon slices. The most greasy stuff, but so super yummy esp. with green salad.

Asparagus with beef and black bean paste.
Asparagus season is here. For the first time, I decided to try cooking this vegetable. Its the yummiest thing ever! It´s crunchy, tasty and so full of vitamins and minerals and one can cook it either the Asian or the Western way.

The hub bought me flowers last Saturday. We had an argument (over some minor thing that escalated because both of us were so mega-exhausted from our long work week). He then said something about having to go somewhere for a while. When he came back, he gave me over 20 roses in a bouquet. I was so pleasantly surprised that all that pent-up frustration was gone in a second! Sometimes it really takes a small something to say what words cannot say! Thank God for giving him the idea to do that! And roses never go out of date! I´m happy to still receive flowers even after we´re doubt its less frequent than it used to be, (since we´re no longer having any long-distance relationship) but that makes it even more special!

And flowers do brighten up everything! That´s what we had for a simple Saturday dinner when we decided to take things easy and just relax. We caught up on our housework, sleep, time together and even had time to go swimming and spend with the in-laws. I really enjoy not having any social appointments sometimes and just enjoying the simple life together. :)


Sabrina said...

Have to go to the dentist this Saturday, too. :( Will be getting a part filling, not looking forward to it at all!

If you really need to get your wisdom teeth out, he wouldn't do it there and then though. Got all four out at the same time and was wiped out for a week due to painkillers and not so pretty face. ;)


Pris said...

Hey sis, oh dear...going to the dentist isn´t a very nice experience. At least you know that you are preventing more decay and problems in the future eh? Well, the other 2 wisdom teeth on the top of my mouth have not appeared my doctor advised me to just leave them as they are.

Chrish said...

Me tooo!!! i have 2 wisdom teeth on the top but not extracted yet! Was feeling a bit 'sour' sometimes when i bit onto cold food or sour food like lemon.. suspect there's a small hole there or something..contemplating to go to the dentist when im back SG in june but dunno if i should as it might cost $ and time to get it fixed..

hey sometimes it's good to have some time's important as a couple i feel..maybe it's good to let that mind clear off doing other relaxing things rather than let it all build up and works for me and hb, try it ;P

Sabrina said...

Wisdom teeth are a funny thing. Mine were taken out before they appeared as the two bottom ones weren't growing up but sideways. To prevent from damage or them pushing my teeth all over the place, they had to be taken out which meant that the top ones also had to go as they would have eventually just grown without any counter-pressure from the bottom ones (does that make sense to you?). Thinking back it wasn't really that bad, I just looked horrible. :)

Not scared of the dentist but have only had my first ever filling 1 or 2 years ago and really wanted to cry. Thought I'd be ok to go through life without any fillings. So more gutted about the fact that my teeth aren't that healthy now than anything else. Weirdo me... ;)


Pris said...

Hey Chrish! Thanks for popping by my blog! :) Why don´t you go to the dentist in Norway? Isn´t that free? Dental is covered by insurance here, so we don´t pay- unless we have huge dental operations. Yah, we do try to spend more couple time over the weekend. However, he will be working on quite a lot of we´d have to plan our time really properly!

Pris said...

Hi Jie Jie! You are so funny! I simply had to laugh when I read your comment! Hahhaha. Yes I understand what you mean that the top wisdom teeth had to leave because there were no counter-bottom-wisdom teeth left to hold them in place. Well, that´s the case for mine. I still have my top ones, but my dentist advised me to let nature take its course. Oh complaining about delayed pain..but if I do pull out one, I´ll put the other one out too. I think I would feel sad if I had to do a filling too!


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