Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Europa Park - Stephan´s bday celebration

We went to Europa Park on Sunday to celebrate Stephan´s birthday, together with 2 youths from our cell - Toby and Becky.The last time we went there was 5 years ago when I was not living in Germany yet and had only come here for a visit. Stephan wanted to surprise me and refused to divulge the destination of our road trip.

In my quest to get him to tell me the "surprise" prematurely, I developed such a foul mood in the car! Finally I fell asleep (to his relief of course) and awoke to my joy and amazement that he had brought me to a theme park! - The biggest one in Germany of course. Hence, I figured out what better way to repay the "surprise" than by going there again for his birthday! The park was just as superb as I had remembered it to be!

The entire theme park is separated into different European country regions with each region having its own rides, food, displays etc. This zone above was the Swiss zone. One is entertained by facets of the life and culture in each country while one waits in the queues. The queues were pretty good that day, with the average waiting time being around 20mins.
Taking photos to pass the time!

They had water theme rides too! One doesn´t get too wet normally, but Toby splashed water at us, which resulted in us being completely drenched!

Aren´t the displays amazing? This ride was named "Poseidon" and belonged to the Greek region.

Snapshots of the different rides that we took....

This was when we were waiting in queue for the newest roller coaster - the queue took 45-mins altogether!

That´s us daring to walk through a "surprise fountain". It was a close shave!

A trip to a theme park isn´t complete without these cartoon photos....

I think I´m not really cut out to be an actress.... If so, I would probably make the happiest prisoner!
It was such a superb day! The weather was great and it only rained towards the end. God answered my prayer when I prayed that it would stop so that I could try the "Silver star" rollercoaster one more time. This one goes almost vertically upwards and vertically downwards for at least a few seconds! One free falls and wonders if it would ever stop. I ended up going for it for 3 times! After the second time, nobody wanted to go with me since they all complained of headache or not feeling well. I ended up going alone! Heehee. It wasn´t too bad, since the body does get used to the feeling of adrenalin after a while...hmmm, should I try bungee-jumping one day? Who knows? Are you the theme-park person too or do you prefer to sit on the sidelines and watch?


lilacdropsofdew said...

Woah! Looks like fun pris! I remember us going to the summer (?) park when I visited you, and we sat on the roller coaster ride that scared my pants off!!

Glad you guys had fun, and help me say Happy Birthday to Stephan! :)


Pris said...

Dear Andrea! It was superb! I could go to the roller coaster all the time! Yes! I remembered! You visited in summer! Still have photos!
Sure thing! I will send Stephan yr bday wishes!

Steph said...

i'm so scared of roller coasters!! i went to the tower of terror (the ride with vertical drops) in LA and i was really really freaked out. =)

happy bday stephan!

Pris said...

Dear Steph! So nice to hear from you! How´s the kicks coming along? :) Any new photos to share? heehee. Ohh, the tower of terror sounds scary enough! Sure! Will let Stephan know you sent your wishes!

Head Hunter of the Astronomical Kind said...

You have the making of the first Asian female astronaunt..going..round and round..upward...downward..spinning off full speed..
Send your name to NASA..and they will be glad to put you in more tests...hee..hee...

Blessed belated birthday Stephan..

Pris said...

Hi dear head hunter...hahah. I would actually consider the space thing if I don´t mind spending months away from earth! hahah...your comment was hilarious Dad.


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