Thursday, May 21, 2009

Google Ads return...

I have earned my first 10€ from online advertising. :) I know it doesn´t sound like much, but I´m over the moon!

The google ads on the right side of my blog have been bringing in "passive" income since I put them up a few months ago.

I´ve always been skeptical about online advertising but I figured out that there is no harm trying, since there is no catch involved. Besides I really enjoy blogging and if I could make this my "hobby" job, that would be soooo cool!

Its amazing, because every click on any of the advertisements brings in about 20Euro cents - according to my rough estimation.

Yup! So if you´re reading my blog and find something interesting on the advertisements, please feel free to click on them - because they do work and you would be supporting me since I do get a portion of the earnings!

Well, I haven´t actually tried cashing out my "online" money yet, but I would think that Google Ads are famous enough to be reliable in terms of payment.

Do you have Google Ads yourself? What has your experience been?


Cory said...

Hey Pris!
I clicked on one of the ads for nice villas in seminyak, though I probably wun have enuf money to stay, looking is enuf. :-)
Hope it helps! it is so cool to earn google money!

Pris said...

Hi dear Cory! :) Oh nice that you clicked on one of my adverts! Yah, I click on a couple of them too, because the Bali stuff are just way too cool! And yup, looking is enough for me too.... yah! You should try the google thing too!
Pris :)

Anonymous said...

Yes Madam,

Click, click, click... :D


Pris said...

Hey GL
You are so funny! hahahah. :) Yah! Click click click!


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