Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grumpy doctor

Had such a frustrating day today.

We went to the "emergency doctor" today because all normal doctors are closed over the weekend.

I´ve been having this itch for over a week now and my visit to my family doctor last week, only yielded a prescription for a cream which is no longer produced by the pharmacy- yes. Things like this seem to happen to me not so rarely in Germany.

Thinking that somehow the itch will go away, I´ve tried to ignore it and continued on good hygiene practices. The itch came and went, like a persistant irritating foe.

On Saturday, I was bugged by the itch the entire day and decided that I could not wait one day longer to go to the doctor. Last night, I woke up at 6am (again) to scratch. Or should I put, wash myself for temporary relief.

We paid 10€ (extra) at the doctor today and she was the worst grump I´ve ever met. Before we even started our consultation, she looked at us like we were the reason for her ruined Sunday. I mean, come on, if your clinic is an emergency clinic, then you got to get used to the fact that you work on weekends!

Stephan was with me and boy he was fuming too at the lack of service. She hardly listened to what I said, hardly examined me and literally chased us out of the office - when we still had questions to ask. I mentioned my symptoms to ask her if these were possible symptoms of a certain condition. Her reply was,"Please don´t ask me questions like this". She wouldn´t tell me anything except that I should go back to my family doctor next week and get a laboratory test.

Of course I couldn´t bear the thought of having to go through another week of waiting and seeing - bearing in mind that I´m a teacher, which means that I ain´t that easy for me to run out of the classroom the second I start itching!

So I decided to ask her to write me a prescription for some tablets (for the suspected condition)and she wrote me another prescription for a cream for external purposes.

We called 2 pharmacies before going down. As luck would have it, the first pharmacy ran out of the tablets (claiming that everybody bought them TODAY) - which might be a high chance that there´s a contagious problem going around when I stay. The second pharmacy had the tablet - which we reserved in advance but they didn´t have the prescribed cream - my second misfortune.

Thank God though, they had another cream which apparently has similar ingredients to the "unavailable" one.

Yup, so 1 grumpy doctor, 2 prescriptions (with no available medicine) and 25€ later I hope I´m on my way to recovery.

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