Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love East-meets-West unions

I know I haven´t blogged the other days of Bali yet. I fear that I would only get down to doing them when we go back to Germany - too many photos to process. To make life easier for me and so that YOU have something to read, I will blog about shorter posts in the meantime.

On Saturday, my beanie and I attended a friend´s wedding. She´s Sarah and her hubby is Swedish. I got to know her from a Singaporean online forum for Asian women who are getting married to "Ang Mo"s - westerners.

She happened to have a blog too and when I found out that she was getting married during the time when we would be in Singapore, I was thick-skinned enough to ask her if it was ok if we came along. She very kindly consented to my request and we were both so happy we went! Boy, the wedding was so BEAUTIFUL!

It really reminded us how when God is in the centre of our lives, everything is possible! Everything about the wedding, from the long-distance, the online communication, leaving the home church to relocate to different country, all struck such a close chord to our hearts. We were sooo very close to tears. Our hearts were so filled with thanks to God once again for really being the one to bring us together. Humans do forget so easily.

Truth be said, I really love church weddings. I do feel the pinch of staying in Germany and missing out on so many weddings of my friends in Singapore. On a superficial note, I felt sad too that the white dress I bought last year was only worn once and I can´t foresee myself being able to wear it in Germany - white being forbidden in western weddings as black is forbidden in Asian weddings.

So I did tell God that this trip to Singapore would be so perfect if only I could go for a church wedding. And voilà! We did have a wedding to go for and what a wedding! A true-blue testimony of God´s miraculous plans, timing and love! Plus, this is the best part - the colour theme of the wedding was white and gold! Isn´t that just GOD???
Call me biased, but I really think this photo looks so cute with 2 mixed couples!


Emil and Sarah said...

Hey Pris! I was just looking thru your blog and saw this post! It was such a pity that we didn't get to talk more during the wedding in April, but it's prob very likely that our paths will cross again soon, "Singaporean wives in Europe" and all hehe.

Very encouraging that God answered your prayers thru the wedding. We have truly been blessed with His awesome presence and wonderful fellowship during the wedding, which was what hubby and I had been really asking God for as a wedding gift. He is SO good!

Take care ya? Read about your throat - will keep it in prayer. His power is made perfect in our weakness - His name will be glorified thru this!

Bless you!

Pris said...

Hi Sarah! :) Wow, cool to have you pop by my blog! ;) I read about your stuff on facebook most of the time write pretty often on the notes segment right?

Yeah, its a pity that Sweden isn´t like an hour away from Stuttgart! But yeah, we could definitely arrange to meet.... in the next 10 years! hahaha....

Yeah, it was awesome to attend your wedding! Pity we couldn´t stay for reception either, had to run off for a relatives´gathering. Our Singapore annual visit isn´t much of a holiday - for me at least.

Thanks for your prayers! Appreciate it! :) Great to see that you´re starting to dream in swedish! That´s really funny! My first dream in German happened in my first few months too... someone was correcting my German (In my dream!!!) and I remembered insisting that I was right...hahah.


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