Monday, April 20, 2009

To the future Gohs.....

After attending one wedding, we are sad to have to miss another wedding (1 May), just one week after we leave. Our super-cheap air ticket comes with a condition that does not allow us to stay beyond April. **bummer** This would be the wedding of a dear friend of mine, Gene, whom I got to know from hall at university.

(Top: Salmon pasta, Right: Ribeye Steak) He´s like the older brother that I never had. Always being there for me, helping me with my computer stuff (he´s awesome at that!), praying with me, encouraging me....Oh and have I mentioned that he´s a superb wedding photographer (his link)? If it had been possible, I would have made him one of my bridesmaids and create another title for that, like bridesman or something.
He was also my wedding dinner co-ordinator and having him at the helm of things, ensured that the dinner went on without any glitches! I´m so happy for him to have found the girl of his dreams, Olivia. Here´s wishing both of you a superb life together, may God always be in the centre of your relationship and may you experience HIM in an increasingly deeper, more intimate and life-changing way!
Above: That´s us at Ben and Jerry´s at Dempsey Rd for dessert.... yummy ice-cream!
For dinner, we went to this place called "Jones the Grocer" at Dempsey Road. Its actually like an upscale supermarket that serves food. Similar to the Ikea concept. The food was really good though a bit pricey. I felt that the Steak tasted better than the pasta, because the beef was so succulent and juicy.
Simply had to take a photo of the beautiful cupcakes! Gene and Olivia decided to have them instead of a wedding cake. Isn´t that such a cute idea?


Sabrina said...

Oh, I remember Gene, he was lovely! Congratulations and all the very best for a blessed and happy future together from me!

Pris said...

Hey jie jie, sure thing I will tell him you wished him well! :) So cool eh? Really happy for him too!


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