Monday, April 27, 2009

Back to everyday life....

We´re back in Germany! The flight was ok. The only hick-up was our entertainment system, which malfunctioned halfway - the sound and remote control functions ceased to function. More than an hr and 3 system restarts later, we finally managed to enjoy our movies again.

We were so tired from the trip that we decided to rent a car from Munich to Stuttgart instead of taking the train - even though we had already paid for the train ticket. It was the best choice ever. I was so exhausted that I slept most of the 2.5hr journey back and we saved ourselves the hassle of lugging our baggage in-and-out of trains.

Know I shouldn´t be complaining, esp. since I´ve had 4 full-weeks of holiday. But its true! The longer yr hols, the more the withdrawal symptoms. It was like a second honeymoon for me and hubby, spending everyday together! :) Miss having him around. :( Can´t seem to get enough of this guy! I guess this is a good sign right? heehee.
Now I´m back to everyday life - cracking my head about what to cook, quietness by myself at home, endless ironing and cleaning up of our house and my impending job. Really need to remind myself that there is a time and season for everything...A time to work, a time to play, a time to be in Singapore (& Bali) and a time to be back in Germany.
"Jesus came so that we might ‘live, rest, work and play" Jh 10:10


Jetlag-victim said...

Hello baby,
it was such a great time of four weeks together, I really cherished every minute of it. But I am sure we will manage to adapt to our own little place in Germany again and enjoy our privacy here. And not to mention the weather - spring-time!!!
Love you lots. Muaks.

Pris said...

Dear sweetie! :)
Awww, nice of you to drop a msg on my blog! Need to get used to cold weather again!


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