Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Superb Chinese from non-Chinese babies

This is beyond AMAZING! I want our future kids to be able to speak Chinese like that too!

Do you think these advertisements inspire people to want to speak Chinese? There´s a heated debate going on in Singapore about whether these ads only demoralise people who should be able to speak Chinese but don´t (for many Singaporeans) or whether they have served their purpose to encourage people to improve their Chinese. What do you think?


Sabrina said...

My ex-flatmate moved to China about 3 years ago to teach English without really speaking any Chinese whatsoever. He is really good now and had the waitresses stunned in Chinatown last time he was over here. ;)

I believe that it should encourage people to learn Chinese or to teach their kids Chinese. I am a firm believer that kids should be brought up bilingual or even trilingual if the parents speak different languages. It is important as sometimes grandparents speak different languages (i.e. you cannot assume that everyone in the family speaks German, your kids would need to learn English to make sure that they can talk to your family and friends in Singapore)as well as it gives you a better understanding of a different culture and you grow up more open-minded. It's a definite bonus in later life when you apply for jobs, too. Kids learn languages very easily and it would be such a waste if one didn't teach them. The older you get, the harder it gets to learn a language.

Looking forward to comments from others... :)

Enjoy the last few days in Singapore! Hope to see you soon,

jie jie xx (and that's as far as my Chinese goes...)

Pris said...

Dear Jie Jie!:)
Thks for your long comment! I really agree with what you said about learning how to speak languages when one is young. Its just SO much easier! I´m very sure I would have been able to learn German faster and more easily, had I learnt it when I was younger. Which is also why we moved to Germany when I´m still young and not like settle in Sg first and then decide if we wanna move to Germany later in life.
We´d definitely teach our kids Chinese....some of my friends sent their kids to schools in Sg to learn Chinese when they are on holiday there....I find that a good idea too, although I don´t know if its going to be stressful for the kids....
yes! Its our last day tomorrow! Boy....what a whirlwind trip....hope and pray that Lufthansa would be kind and let us in with excessive luggage!


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